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 Post subject: "Episode"
PostPosted: Tue Jun 13, '17, 2:31 am 
So while playing the new Crazy Taxi game that came out for iOS operating systems, which I don't think is very good, I came across one of those moments where you watch a video to get extra stuff, and the video they made me watch was for this game called "Episode", by a company called "Episode Interactive". From the looks of it, it seems like it's mainly targeted at female audiences, but then again there is a facebook group for it that has male members in it too. But it seems the player's character is always female though. Nothing against it, just saying. Anyway, it's a compilation of these digital novel-ish types of sexy romance stories that can range from either comedy, to drama, and even to something unexpected such as a thriller or a murder mystery type. I only started playing today, but some of the stories I already find myself getting deeply involved with. The game is free to play, but features in app purchases, and when you are faced with a decision in some of the stories, you can't make certain options unless you buy a certain number of gems via the in app purchases and you need these things called passes to view the next chapter in a story. You start with two, and it replenishes every three hours(?), but you can buy extra passes via an in app purchase just like the gems I mentioned earlier. Like I said, I only started playing today, so I don't know how deeply involved I will get with this thing, but some of the stories I've begun playing through are actually rather entertaining. Some of the stories are stupid though, like the ones based on Mean Girls, or those ones with Demi Lovato of all people. Users can also make their own stories for the game too if I am not mistaken. And whoever the character designer is for this game has got some good skill, because many of the characters in the game are pretty damn sexy. I also think it would be funny if Mark from Classic Game Room ever reviewed this, because I'd love to see what kind of humorous take he could give to it. XP This is the website for the game and the company:

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