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PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 11:52 am 
Hukos wrote:I hate Phantasy Star III with a passion.

However, I do think if a lot of things were fixed it could be a really good game.

As far as combat goes, you have to ask yourself: What makes combat interesting?

And I say meaningful choices. In vanilla PS3, you either attack or heal. Attack magic is too weak to be useful, and the buffs are too situational. I think the game could be more fun if attack magic was given a significant buff and enemies have elemental weaknesses (to the point where it's worth using) and the buffs/debuffs we were given were made useful.

I thought about weakening a lot Magic users' physical attacks, but make Magic much more powerful. Elemental weaknesses is a good idea. I thought too about preventing Orakian to use Magic, but give them offensive items instead. And robots would use special skills like PSIV. For the moment I just implement test features.

Quote:That would go a LONG way towards making PS3 into a playable state for me.

Other things:

Reduce the size of the dungeons/maps/towns. There's too much "dead space" in the game. Most of the time spent walking is done through areas that are aesthetically dull. Even though PS1/2 have slow walking speeds, the changing aesthetics of the areas you go through aren't dull and manage to keep you interested whereas PS3 has a default color - dull and earthy. That again is something that could stand to be fixed.

See below.
I intend to give each dome a unique look and feel (with new graphics) and make village different.

Quote:Oh and fix Divisia. Nothing makes me rage harder than that forsaken town.

I don't remember well :) Is is that town you have to cross a castle to reach the other side ?

Quote:If you want to hear more of what I think could use changing, I can ramble and rant on for quite some time ;)

Please proceed :)

Bragatyr wrote:On the point about the dungeons and trekking through a lot of nothing, though, I have to say I actually kind of liked the feeling of emptiness PS 3 had. Really fit with the sense of desolation and isolation in the story.

I actually agree. But I have doubled the speed, and I'll insert Layan shrines or Wren airport hre and there.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 7:55 pm 
I think Phantasy Star II did a much better job at driving home the sense of isolation, tbh

But then again, maybe it's because PSIII's plot is so nonsensical that my sense of immersion is completely ruined so I can't really "get into" the isolated feeling like you guys can. I never really felt like PS3 was trying anything at all, but that's possibly due to it's rushed nature.

As far as Divisia goes, it's the town you have to go through the Castle and it's dungeon constantly to go back and forth through. Because clearly that was such a great idea and wasn't at all flawed.

All the devs had to do was make it so you could ignore the Castle and that town wouldn't be nearly as bad for me.

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