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 Post subject: Enclycopedia Britannica
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, '12, 7:54 am 
Shocking news today, but not very surprising in some ways I suppose, with the online story that Encyclopedia Britannica will be ending their print edition: ... 41357.html

They will continue with an online version of sorts according to the article.

These encyclopedia's have been an honored and trusted tradition for many years. They will be missed by many. Although I guess this is just another thing that is falling to the wayside due to progress and the internet, etc. Sometimes it's just hard to say if that is indeed progress...ya know?? :yaknow:

I can remember using these books back in school for many subjects and stuff and even taking time to just look through them and browse around the various articles/stories/subjects because they were so interesting. Gonna miss them.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, '12, 11:56 pm 
I can't recall ever using Britannica. There were other encyclopedias, of course, but not that particular brand. We had to use them a lot back in school. Online research was just beginning to emerge as a useful tool when I was in high school. The printed encyclopedias were more exhaustive on most subjects at the time, but that was bound to change with the rise of the public internet.

Like lots of other things, encyclopedias aren't made the way they used to be. I looked at one in the local library a few years ago and found it very lacking. Articles have gotten less detailed as an increasing number compete for the limited space available in physical books. While there are some negative aspects to online bases of knowledge, they are at least better able to cope with an ever growing world.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, '12, 10:24 pm 
I never used this paper encyclopedia but that's indeed a huge shock... :(

PostPosted: Sun Apr 8, '12, 1:34 am 
The above news of the end of the Enclycopedia Britannica print edition has caused a hefty boom in sales of the product: ... ition-soar

This must be very pleasing to the folks in charge of putting these books out and it is a very nice way to "leave" imho.

Glad that some of the copies will wind up in museums, etc.

Kind of hard to imagine the end of this particular era though. We have come so far in such a short amount of time it seems. That's progress for ya though.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 8, '12, 9:34 am 
Progress is making constant...progress ! That's how the world is today but yes you're right : great award for the "makers" of this last paper edition.

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