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 Post subject: Emerald Dragon LP
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, '18, 9:40 pm 

merald Dragon is yet another RPG that came about because of the fact that when it came to bleeding staffers, Telenet Japan was the Alexei Romanov of game companies.

Telenet Japan had a great deal of famous departures- the composer for Valis 3 peaced out and went on to do the soundtrack for the Wild Arms series, and when their most important subsidiary studio, Wolfteam broke up, half became Namco's Tales Team and the other half formed Tri-Ace studios (and Motoi Sakuraba did music for everyone), but the departure we're talking about happened much, much earlier than that. Back in 1986, a little bit after the first version of Valis 1 went out, Osmu Ikegame and a few other like-minded staffers split off to form their own game development company called Glodia. The new company mainly developed RPGs and strategy games for the Pc-88 and Pc-98, FM Towns, and others, and they released about a dozen games over the lifetime of the company. However, the only game that made any sort of real splash was an RPG called Emerald Dragon, released in 1989.

Now, Emerald Dragon was one of those games that was released for everything in the East and nothing at all in the West, getting put on the PC-88, PC-98, FM Towns, Sharp X68000, then later on the Turbo CD and Super Nintendo, with the console ports being done by a company called Media Works. No version of the game was translated until the Super Nintendo version got a fan translation in 2008 (which is the version I played), and the MSX version got one in 2012 (though that one seems really hard to find). And I decided to pay attention to this one because this was actually part of my RPG backlog for years. The SNES version is also the version of the game I'll be playing for this thread.

By the way, it might be important to note that Emerald Dragon predates the Breath of Fire series. It's not going to be hard to see why that's good to know once you get in there.

Emerald Dragon Part 1- Our King is Great, but he is terrible with names.
Emerald Dragon Part 2- I suppose a normal girl would've found him dashing.
Emerald Dragon Part 3- What does the scouter say about his character level?
Emerald Dragon Part 4- Dal^H^H^H Ostracon is a Jerk
Emerald Dragon Part 5- Creepy. Kooky. Mysterious. Spooky.
Emerald Dragon Part 6- Dragon only, no items, FINAL DESTINATION
Emerald Dragon Part 7- They actually gave him a hand.
Emerald Dragon part 8- OstraKHAAAAAN!
Emerald Dragon Part 9- Revenge for the Frog
Emerald Dragon part 10- Atrubots vs. the Ostracons
Emerald Dragon part 11- Herb: Good for what ails you.
Emerald dragon Part 12- Playing Fetch
Emerald Dragon Part 13- The King of Demons
Emerald Dragon Part 14- Confession Booth
Emerald Dragon Part 15- Reverse Fire Emblem
Emerald Dragon Part FINAL- Fighting Fate.

 Post subject: Re: Emerald Dragon LP
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, '18, 2:36 am 
Other than voice/acting and cutscenes, is there any difference from the SNES/PC-Engine versions?

 Post subject: Re: Emerald Dragon LP
PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, '18, 10:15 am 
Hukos wrote:Other than voice/acting and cutscenes, is there any difference from the SNES/PC-Engine versions?

Actually, yes. The SNES version has a more conventional divide between overworld/towns, while the PC-Engine CD version retains the integrated map style of earlier versions of the game.

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