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 Post subject: Elvis week
PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, '09, 9:32 pm 
Also heard on the news that this is Elvis week in Memphis, Tennessee and many other areas where they are celebrating and remembering the life and death of Elvis Presley. Elvis died on August 15, 1977.

I saw an Elvis impersonator on one of the morning talk news shows this morning, and in my humble opinion, the guy did not look or sound like Elvis at all. I guess a lot of people are trying to make a living at work like this though, if they can get it.

Has anyone ever been to Memphis, or Elvis' home "Graceland" during an Elvis week, or any other time?

 Post subject: Re: Elvis week
PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, '09, 4:25 pm 
I saw Elvis' former band guitar player on "The Mike Huckabee Show" last night. His name is James Burton. He looks a bit older, but that is to be expected. He has also played guitar for many other people besides Elvis.

Anyway they are having some kind of event trying to get into the Guiness Book Of World Records for the most guitar players playing the same song. I think he said the record is around 2000 or so and they are going to try and double that, or do the best they can. More details can be found on his web site, which I think he said was or I guess anyone can just do a google search to find our more if you are interested.

James played with Huckabee's band "The Little Rocker's" last night and they played "Hound Dog" in honor of Elvis.

 Post subject: Re: Elvis week
PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, '11, 9:15 pm 
Bumping this topic up as this week is "Elvis Week" in Memphis, Tennessee, remembering the death (and life) of one of the greatest entertainers of all time....Elvis Presley!!

 Post subject: Re: Elvis week
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, '11, 2:54 am 
Currently watching online the candlelight vigil taking place right now at Graceland to honor the anniversary of Elvis' death:

Awesome that so many of his fans still love and honor Elvis so many years after his death. If you're a fan, you understand!!! :yes:

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