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 Post subject: Re: Elsydeon
PostPosted: Sun May 23, '10, 8:48 pm 
Thoul wrote:Alis did also say the heroes' thoughts were stored in the sword, so it could go either way. Maybe the spirits linger in the cave, while the sword contains a record of their memories, like the Telepathy Ball does for Lutz.

While PSIV's translation is much better than the previous entries, I need to go back and check that part of PSIV. The Compendium doesn't really state what's in the sword exactly. Though, if they just inhabit the cave itself I can imagine the spirits in the cave being really bored after Rudy left with the sword. I imagine some sort of Monty Python-esque exchange occurring. ;p

Quote:I can envision Chaz pulling a "Blue Rogues" style special. "Blue Rogues" being a special attack in Skies of Arcadia that calls up every member of the player's pirate ship crew for part of the action. Hm, I sense a topic in this...

That'd be pretty awesome.

 Post subject: Re: Elsydeon
PostPosted: Mon May 24, '10, 12:08 am 
Rick wrote:Didn't even let him go home to heal first.

Maybe they didn't need to. Despite the ending cutscenes of all the characters wielding their different weapons and techniques, perhaps all they had to do was blast a hole in the ship and then, voilà! Nei Sword teleports them back to Lutz's pad.

 Post subject: Re: Elsydeon
PostPosted: Mon May 24, '10, 3:25 pm 
For me, the sword thing is only the common syndrome of many series. Once someone state that something/someone is the most put your favorite adjective here. Then, as the story progresses, they feel the need to make something/someone more put the same adjective here than the most put the same adjective here. The Laconia weapons were the unique items in PSI, but the needed something more in PSII, then the Nei weapons. In PSIV, for its turn, they needed something more than Nei weapons, so they made Elsydeon. In a hypothetic PSV, there would be something stronger and so on...

This happens a lot in hero stories, specially in animes/mangas. An this usually creates weird situations, like enemies that should be very powerful in essence ending being weak and enemies that should not be so powerful ending being strong. A good example of that is Dark Force, who was supposed to be the ultimate force in PSI, PSII (well, almost) and PSIII. In PSIV, though, the first Dark Forces are rather ordinary enemies, weaker than later "common enemies" and they introduce a new "ultimate force", being Profound Darkness. If there was a PSV, most probably there would be a new "ultimate force", stronger than Profound Darkness...

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