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 Post subject: Ellen joins American Idol
PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '09, 8:55 am 
Talk show host/comedian, Ellen DeGeneres has joined the show "American Idol" as a panel Judge replacing former panel Judge Paula Abdul who recently quit the show by deciding not to renew her contract.

How do you think the addition of DeGeneres will affect the show? Will it have a positive, negative, or no impact at all on the show?

I have been reading that they have been having various guest judges for the past few weeks to fill this vacant spot. That sounded like a pretty good idea to me in using different people thereby giving the viewers someone new and different to look forward to seeing and having a new perspective to look forward to each week. Maybe they should have kept doing that. What do you think?

Also, do you think "American Idol" is still as popular a show as it once was?

Whatever happened to all those people who won the show? I still hear a lot about singer Carrie Underwood (who has a big career doing Country Music now), and I hear a little news about singer Clay Aiken (who came in second place, I think), but for the most part, that's all I remember hearing of lately.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, '09, 9:32 pm 
Keeping a rotating judge chair probably wouldn't work too well. Each week you would have a completely different opinion and set of views there, so the contestants could argue that the process wasn't entirely fair. I doubt DeGeneres will have much of an effect on the show. Certain the chemistry between the audience, contestants, and judges will change some, but not too much I think.

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