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EGM 191, page 115

EGM 191, page 115

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 12:04 am 
The preview of Phantasy Star Universe offline continues on page 115 of Electronic Gaming Monthly 191. An inset in the upper left reveals that the developers looked back to the original series for some inspiration in this game. Some of the screen shots highlight the return of techniques, while others reveal more of the game's monster population or give alternate views of the dragon boss introduced on the previous page. The influence of the alien Seed on game maps also appears.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 7:16 am 
Interesting to see a green two-headed dragon. I can assure you a green one never made it into the final game. We got a greyish coloured one with two heads called De Ragnus.

Very nice to see the classic series in the article too. ;)

PostPosted: Sat Jun 4, '11, 4:21 pm 
Hey, that is interesting. I didn't even notice that the green dragon there had two heads. De Ragnus shows up on the next page, and he's definitely a different color than this green dragon. I just assumed the green one was the one head version because of the color difference. Now we know one of the changes made during development. Nice catch, Lucas! :)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 8, '21, 8:55 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

More on Phantasy Star Universe in the terrific gaming magazine "Electronic Gaming Monthly". Awesome pictures.

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