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 Post subject: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Sun Sep 1, '13, 1:47 pm 
The fourth annual Egg Hunt community event here at Fringes has now begun! In this event, thirty egg shaped icons have been hidden throughout the site for community members to find. All community members are invited to search for the eggs during this event!

What is Egg Hunt?
The Egg Hunt works like this: a bunch of icons, styled with a combined theme of eggs and Phantasy Star characters, have been scattered around the Fringes of Algo web site for members to find. You can see these icons only while logged in and during the duration of this event. If you should find an icon, you can click on it to claim it. When you claim an icon, you will unlock a matching Achievement that will appear in your member profile. There is a separate Achievement for each icon and each year of the event. Icons you have claimed will also disappear from your view of the site.

Usually we hold this event earlier in the year, around Easter, but that wasn't possible this year for various reasons. Better late than never, though, right?

Rules of Egg Hunt
Please do not share the locations of icons with others. Every member is able to find and claim each icon. Please allow everyone to fully enjoy the event by searching for the icons and earning the Achievements independently. If I have reason to suspect that someone has cheated their way into finding icons, they may be disqualified from this and future community events. You are welcome to boast when you find an icon, of course. Just don't say where you found it.

Some of the icons will be easy to find, while others are well hidden and may be very difficult to locate. They could be anywhere, even in parts of the site you've never visited before now! Keep your eyes peeled!

This year's Egg Hunt has now begun and will continue until 12 AM Eastern Time on Monday, September 9th. The icons will be visible on the site only during that time period and only to logged in members. Clues for the icon locations will be posted later as the event progresses.

 Post subject: Re: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Fri Sep 6, '13, 3:05 pm 
The 2013 Egg Hunt event has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who participated! I hope you all had fun with this event.

For those interested, here is a list of who found icons, in order from most found to least.

Rudo - 30
Silver_Surfer1 - 30
Wolf Bird - 30
doncair99 - 30
Wing Eye - 23
augmentedfourth - 20
Atlinsmere - 19
Yoshi - 16
tilinelson2 - 13
Elsydeon - 12
Snorb - 11
snowdragon - 11
Oakley2284 - 9
Qara - 5
R-90-2 - 1

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 Post subject: Re: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Fri Sep 6, '13, 3:07 pm 
The second and final batch of clues for this hunt is up now. Check above to see them!

 Post subject: Re: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, '13, 8:03 am 
Results for this year's Egg Hunt have been added in the second post of this topic. I apologize for the lateness in posting these. Anyway, check that post to see the participants and how many eggs they found. Congratulations to Rudo, Silver_Surfer1, Wolf Bird, and doncair99 for finding all the eggs in this event!

The next hunt event is this year's Monster Hunt, which is tentatively scheduled for the last week of October.

 Post subject: Re: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Tue Sep 24, '13, 2:23 am 
Too bad I was late to the party this time, so I had just a couple of hours to look for eggs.

 Post subject: Re: Egg Hunt 2013
PostPosted: Sat Oct 12, '13, 7:28 pm 
I'm not on the list ! :( Unfortunately...I wasn't here when the hunt ! But I'll try to be here for the next one ! Congratulations to all the Phans who have found so many eggs :)

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