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PostPosted: Wed Jan 2, '08, 1:20 pm 
SparkyIII wrote:Also aren't there Locusta in PS2? And PS4?
Yes, quite a few enemies from PSII make an appearance in PSIV. :yes:

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 3, '08, 10:44 pm 
How about Prophallus? He looks an awful lot like Dark Force from the first PS game. I'm surprised no one mentioned that one yet.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 3, '08, 10:47 pm 
Oh yeah, I fought one of those things for the first time just about a year ago, I thought it looked like dark force anyway! Then I got the Genesis collection and when I saw the intro to PS2 I was all...WHOA! ITS THERE TOO!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 11:37 pm 
I always wanted to know who was the woman (it seems a woman with a staff) represented in the statues of Zema. Is she Nei(1-2-3)?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 9, '08, 6:41 am 
lol, how bout those weird mages you fight all over motavia. Perhaps they saw a lot coming out of birth valley, and decided to make a couple statues for like protection. XD

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 9, '08, 9:20 pm 
I always thought that would be some kind of nature goddess or something similar. They call Birth Valley the sacred area of life, so it's like some kind of local religion has sprung up around the place. The statues might be Nei or they might be someone from the local religion.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, '08, 12:48 am 
I would say Nei3rd was protecting them... and people from Zema associated her to their religion/prayers so... 3 or 2 years before PS4 they created a statue in her memory as a symbol of protection (finally she is worshiped! :P ) ~~~~ another fan fiction thought

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 20, '08, 5:41 pm 

- "paopao" (the music from Fantasy Zone... original title: "opaopa") and Dungeons' music remix
- Daughter, a blocked Zema's bridge, zema's bioplant
- The last bosses from PSI: Dark Falz, Saccubus and Reipard La Shiec
- The Tresure from musk cats, Psychowand, Cakes (short), Perolymate, Ashline (and pleople turned into stone), Aeroprism, Eclipse Torch
- Main weapon: an enchanted sword
- Dynamite
- Laerma
- Silver, Laconia (and other metals/material for weapons)
- PSgaiden and PSadventure ("look a GameGear!")
- Trash of Tonoe
- Artificial Satellites for motavia and dezolis (like gaira was for palma)
- (Pandora) box with an enemy (the fake eclipe tourch in Air Castle)
- Siren386 inside an AlisaIII type ship
- Baya Malay (Hahn Mahlay or Bayamare store at Termi)
- Mito the fortune teller ("are you looking for Alex Ossale?")
- the forbidden technique (Megid) and some other techniques/skills
- A Church at Kadary (this time is for PD instead of GL)
- Places: Air Castle, Uzo, Zema, Piata, Esper Mansion, Crevice and Skure can be also seen, Gunmbious Temple (I remember some NPC saying it replaced one temple from a previous game)
- Main characters: Chaz (Shir -when he was 13- and latter Rolf); Kyra (Rolf+Lutz); Rika (Nei); Demi (Amy, her medic power and her shortness); Wren (Rudo); Alys (Anne and her unknown age); Hahn (Hugh)
- The beginning of the game (chaz first mission), discovering the biomonster/dome problems, until Alys' death (this reminds me of PSII's Rolf mission until Nei's death)
- Get ashline and save people from zema + finding lutz in a tower of motavia + revenging Alys by killing Zio (this reminds me of PSI's get ashline to save odin, then find lutz in a cave of motavia and then revenge our adoptive elder brother killing the bad guy)
- LeRoof story reminds of shining force's Dark Lord vs Light story

I believe there are many more. This is an unstoppable list.

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