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PostPosted: Wed Jun 15, '11, 7:18 pm 
Some Eagles who are nesting near a Post Office in Alaska have been attacking patrons of the mail service establishment there: ... 29745.html

Eagles, and all birds for that matter, are very protective of their nests and their young. Anyone that has been dive-bombed a time or two can tell you that from experience. :wink:

Very interesting that the Eagles are not a protected bird or species in Alaska as they are in the USA.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, '11, 8:40 pm 
Alaska is part of the USA, so I would have thought they would be protected as an endangered species there. They must have a stronger population up there than in the central states. I think it's kind of crummy that the protection for being the national bird prevents the moving of this nest.

On the other hand, the postal service does use the bald eagle as it's own symbol, so it's somewhat fitting that a few might take up residence at a post office.

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