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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 9:22 pm 
From what I've heard, they purposely made the combat kind of wonky in Mirror's Edge so that people wouldn't rely on it. Although they did say that the combat is being fixed for the sequel, so that kind of makes me wonder if it was intentional or not. I didn't pay too much attention to the recent Steam sale, so I must have missed Mirror's Edge being listed. It's not a big deal either way, it's only $20.

Ubisoft also has their name on the No More Heroes games. I really liked the first one, still waiting to play No More Heroes 2.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '14, 9:26 pm 
Figured Mirror's Edge couldn't be too expensive, that game is pretty old anymore. And you're right about No More Heroes, though Ubisoft wasn't involved in the PS3 port. Like with Mass Effect and EA, leaves a slightly bad taste in my mouth, as I love the NMH games but really don't like Ubisoft. Konami published the PS3 version, though.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 4, '14, 3:33 am 
Good riddance to EA as a Vita game publisher. Quite literally, since the system's release, this is a complete list of games EA has published for the Vita in North America:

  • FIFA World Class Soccer (2012)
  • FIFA 2013
  • FIFA 2014
  • Madden NFL 2013
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Yep, that's the whole list right there folks, whoop-de-doo. Don't misunderstand my enthusiasm, the lack thereof. I know there is a market for sports titles, but when over half of the titles your company has released for a game system are just annual editions of the same stupid soccer game you've got a really bad management problem. Madden is undisputedly EA's flagship sports title, but they only released one edition of it. And then you have a version of EA's flagship race title. There's little to no variety here and not one game that's not some manner of a sporting title. So yes EA, of course you've fared poorly on the Vita, because your company is run by nitwits who are clueless about the demographic of gamers who buy a Vita in the first place.

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