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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 5:16 pm 
Have you ever boiled and dyed Easter Eggs for an Easter Egg hunt? I have, and I even though I haven't done it in awhile, I must say I kinda miss it. It can be messy to do, but it is also fun.

I also miss the Easter Egg hunts we used to have. It may sound like egg hunts are only for children, but I think young adults and older adults enjoy them as well. It's a lot more fun hunting the eggs and finding them than it is hiding them, lol. It's hard to hide an egg where nobody can find it.

Have you ever thought of all the major number of eggs that are used (boiled & dyed) every year just for Easter Egg hunts - probably thousands and thousands of them all across the US, etc.

Some people may eat some of these boiled eggs, but I never ate any of them. They weren't for eating to me, just for hunting and having fun with. Although, a good ole boiled egg is hard to beat for breakfast sometimes.

Eggs, are used for so many things, and is such a edible and easily used food. Overlooked and under appreciated, some might say.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 5, '08, 3:57 am 
Wow, I haven't done that in years. Probably not since we stopped going to church every week. I remember the church used to have a little easter egg hunt out back every year. Looking back, I doubt they would be allowed to do it today. They used to hide the eggs in all kinds of little holes in the ground, some of which were probably snake nests.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 5, '08, 4:21 am 
lol, we still do that all down here. Except we don't use real eggs for the hunt. We buy lots of eggs, boil most of them, dye them, then eat them for the next day or two. We use plastic eggs for the hunt, because we learned that hiding a real egg in your house isn't such a good idea when you lose it...XD But my mom does it all. Could you imagine *we live on a double lot property you see, which makes our yard nearly 4 times the size of the average person, and we hide from 200-300 eggs each year. We have a list that tells you where each egg is hidden with a team of adults to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Then EVERYONE else competes. There are 2 types of eggs, Kids eggs and Adult eggs. The kids eggs each contain a toy of some sort and are very easy to find. Adult eggs are MUCH harder and usually contain maybe a dollar to five dollars depending on the difficulty. Anyone under the age of 9 can find a kid egg or an adult egg and add it to his collection. Anyone older than that must turn down any egg labeled as a kid egg and only find his kind of egg. The finder of the most eggs gets a secret prize, usually a gift certificate or 20 dollars. Then theres a second place prize as well. Most of the time about 16 people are in the competion, and lots of kids, it gets to be really challenging and exciting. Easter is awesome here.

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