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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, '08, 4:58 am 
We know that after Mother Brain and Palma fell, Motavia's environment started a long tumble back to what it was in the first Phantasy Star. The solution the surviving scientists settled on was putting Wren in charge of a network that was supposed to slow the regression. It seems that is just what he did - staying on Zelan, monitoring things and not actively getting involved beyond basic maintenance.

Do you think that was the best solution to staving off the deterioration? Should they have instead continued the Daughter project? Maybe Wren could, over time, have built new installations instead of just maintaining old ones? He did have a potential army of workers, considering all the androids created or active in the various plants.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, '08, 5:25 am 
It seems that having Wren do what he was doing worked. It's implied in PSIV that things were going okay with the environment until shortly before the game started. There are a couple of quotes that I interpret as such...I'd find them, but I'm too lazy to do so right now and I really should go to bed. So maybe I'll find them tomorrow.

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