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PostPosted: Sat Mar 8, '08, 7:46 pm 

A fanmade sequal to the famous game Dewprism (Threads of Fate in America) The story revolves around two of the characters from the previous game. Mint, the tomboyish princess from East Kingdom who's goal is to find a <Relic> so she can rule the world. Maya, Mints younger yet more formal sister joins her this time instead of Rue who was a previous main character in the last game. Many recognizable faces will appear throughout the course of the game.

The game is your adventure hack and slash game. You begin by chosing between Mint or Maya at the start, or if you're playing 2-player then the stories intertwine. The game has not been translated but is extremely fun. Combo attacks are your source of attacks through the stages while boss fights tend to use a bit more strategy as you fight from a distance with your magic spells aquired throughout the game. The game uses a point system you aquire at the end of every stage to increase your Hp and Mp meter instead of the typical experience meter you normally get from most games.

Unlike the previous game taking damage and using magic will not increase your stats over time. The music in the game is quite catchy for some of the stages and the enemies are quite familiar if you've played the previous game. Overall I give this game a 9/10 in ranking, only because of no english translation. You should look this game up and download it as soon as possible, its a unique game and I believe everyone would enjoy it.


For a preview of gameplay please follow this link.

The game does not lag like in the video that is due to the persons faulty camera recording.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '08, 5:49 am 
Looks like a pretty impressive offering, especially for a fan made game. I don't think I ever played the original, except maybe for a demo.I might be thinking of another game. Well, either way, this looks like a nice effort. If it were in English, I might give it a try. Hopefully it'll be translated one day.

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