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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, '07, 3:31 am 
Tsunami wrote:Okay, I see what you mean now after seeing 'im. o_o He's...well, when I first saw him, I imagined him with a french accent (must be the beret :p).

Dr. Mad: "Oui, oui! I'll be taking zat specimen and shall perform zee experimentz upon him!" *clicks metal claws*
Alis: *whispers* "Hey Odin, he reminds me of a deranged lobster..."
Odin: *snorts* Hahaha, a lobster man! *points*
Dr. Mad: "Lobster man!?" *clicks claws furiously* "Zat iz it! I'll have my revenge!"
Myau: "Err, Alis, he's kind of creepy so I'll let you guys handle this..." *runs away from the battle scene*

:rofl: Exactly, the beret makes him look like one of the old silly cartoon characters that were French satires.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 12:21 am 
Quote:I really wish I could read the text there, because it looks like Myau or another musk cat is suspended in a tube in the background of the battle. The atmosphere makes me wonder if there's a direct connection to the Nei series research.

I hope so. I din't knew about that detail but that let me happy (I always expected Dr. Mad was somehow involved in beggining of "numan" project / not for the same reasons as the latter scientists continued the "nei" project of course).

Maybe he was creating the first experiences that would lead to Catman/Catfang/Cateyes and when he found out that Arisa's musk cat could talk he hopped for the creation of an intelligent bio monster. Otherwise why did he need another musk cat? Maybe they just wanted to give us a clue about nei's origins, but I think they could go deeper in this matter.

Worst than Dr. Mad new design are the machine guarders.

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