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PostPosted: Thu Sep 17, '09, 7:06 pm 
In Europe, there are several retailers that have stated they will not stock the new PSP model, the PSPgo, in their stores. One such example reveals that this stance is due to the digital distribution only model for selling games. Apparently these stores feel that this method of game distribution will hurt their profits. It makes sense; most repeat gaming business in a store is to buy games, after all. Once a customer buys a system, they are not very likely to buy it again.

Do you think many stores will adopt this stance? With digital gaming growing as a market, the profit margin for stores will be dropping. Game companies want digital distribution because it increases their profits, but will it really do that if no one can get the systems?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, '09, 1:43 pm 
I can see this as a valid concern, the only thing I can think of is if they sell some sort of "token" or game card that allows you to download the game, then they might make some money. I think, though, this will take awhile to catch on so I don't see this making a huge impact for the PSP right now.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 15, '09, 9:32 pm 
You mean something like the Nintendo or Microsoft points cards? Yeah, that's a good idea for the retailers that could bring in repeat business. A lot of people will just buy those online with a credit card, so the retailers would still be taking a hit. It would certainly help to sell that kind of thing, though.

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