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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, '21, 2:48 pm 
I couldn't find a template for the 6 slot version of the MVS online anywhere, and could only find a template for the 4 slot version, so I had to open PIXLR, since I no longer have Adobe Photoshop, select an individual marquee slot on the template, then use a clone brush to paint over everything, then I copied and pasted what I had selected from the original file onto the unit 6 times, and then I lined the mini marquees up with each other, and then I had to take the same template I made again and find a free program that had a magic eraser tool since PIXLR didn't have one, and use the magic eraser on the blank spaces on the template I put together, and then layer this one with the transparent spots over the file I put together, and I FINALLY was able to put this together. If I had my own 6 slot MVS cab, I would have these 6 games in it. Originally I was going to have Galaxy Fight in place of 2020 Super Baseball, but I decided to ditch it so I could have more variety, and because I love 2020 Super Baseball so much.


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