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 Post subject: Dog fight over millions
PostPosted: Tue Jun 22, '10, 9:16 pm 
A rich heiress died and left most of her money to her dogs, and other staff, etc., and her son seems unhappy about it all: ... ?GT1=43001

Comments or Opinions?

Would you leave millions of dollars to your pet?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 23, '10, 5:01 pm 
Sounds like it's going to be really fight for that money. I'm trying to avoid making one of the nigh obvious dog jokes, but it's really hard!

I would probably not leave millions, plural, to a pet. Maybe one million... enough to make sure the pet is well cared for during the remainder of it's life, sure. But something like $20 million or $50 million or more? There are a lot of important things that could be done with that beyond making sure a dog or cat is comfortable.

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