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 Post subject: Your first Sega memory...
PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '09, 5:52 pm 
What is your earliest memory of playing a game or system made by Sega? Did you enjoy playing that game/system?

My earliest is when I received a Genesis for Christmas one year. It came with Sonic 2, so of course that was the first Sega game I played. I never got very far in the game, but the system impressed me enough that I decided to rent a few titles from the local video stores. That makes my second memory Shining Force 2, I believe. Or maybe Phantasy Star III, I can't recall which I rented first.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '09, 7:07 pm 
my first SEGA memory was when i realized the SMS didnt save high scores.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 2, '09, 9:04 pm 
My first Sega memory would probably be playing Tails in Sonic 2. I was probably about 4 or 5 at the time. ^_^

PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '09, 3:36 am 
Playing Alex Kidd in Miracle World on my Dad’s old Sega Master System. The next Sega game I played was the Master System version of Sonic the Hedgehog which I enjoyed a lot more.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '09, 4:12 pm 
Don't know for sure. Probably playing the first Sonic game. That was a really long time ago.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 3, '09, 4:15 pm 
Mine would be Sonic 1 on the Genesis. I remember heading to a friends house after hearing about this "awesome game system with realistic graphics". I remember him booting up the Genesis with Sonic in there and hearing "Seeegaaa" and was blown away even before the game started. Next experience was with Phantasy Star III

PostPosted: Fri Dec 4, '09, 2:06 am 
My Dad purchased a Sega Genesis in contrast to my home SNES. The first game that I tried on it was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I loved it! I especially loved the speed in comparison to Super Mario World for the SNES. I didn't finish it completely, but I had great times with it. :D

PostPosted: Sat Dec 5, '09, 8:13 pm 
The first Sega game I saw had to be in the arcade but I can't remember which one. During the 8-bit era I was only dimly aware that Sega also made a home system. However, I was sold on the Genesis the first time I saw a commercial for it. Altered Beast & Golden Axe were the first two I played and even though they were rather short I thought they were incredible.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 6, '09, 1:32 am 
My first memory can be traced to a Christmas LONG ago where I got a Sega Genesis, which was packed with Sonic the Hedgehog, and I also got Castle of Illusion and a Taz-Manian Devil game. Man, I remember mom telling to get to bed. Sonic 1 just seriously sucked me in. :D

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, '10, 4:38 pm 
The one i still can remember is Afterburner (in the arcades).

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