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PostPosted: Mon Jan 5, '09, 8:42 pm 
Looks like there will be a new "Doctor Who" soon: ... 01240.aspx

He looks very young.

Anyone here a fan of "Doctor Who"?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 5, '09, 10:00 pm 
*Looks towards Snorb* I think I know one...

And I can personally say tht I have never watched an episode of Doctor Who, so maybe I'll have to watch an episode or two online or something.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 5, '09, 11:15 pm 
*ducks behind his massive stack of classic series DVDs and Season One*

Who, me? A fan? Naaah =p


Oh, who am I kidding. Yeah, I'm a fan, and looking forward to seeing Matt as the Eleventh Doctor.

Trenz and all interested: Need episodes to watch?! Here's some highly recommended ones:

William Hartnell (1963-1966)- An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Time Meddler
Patrick Troughton (1967-1969)- The Mind Robber, The Invasion
Jon Pertwee (1970-1973)- The Three Doctors, The Claws of Axos, The Time Warrior, The Paradise of Death (audio drama), Doctor Who and the Ghosts of N-Space (audio drama)
Tom Baker (1974-1981)- The Sontaran Experiment, Genesis of the Daleks, Horror of Fang Rock, City of Death, The Pirate Planet, The Keepers of Traken, Logopolis
Peter Davison (1982-1984)- Castrovalva, The Five Doctors, Earthshock, Time Flight, The Arc of Infinity, The Caves of Androzani
Colin Baker (1984-1986)- Revelation of the Daleks, The Two Doctors, The Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp, Terror of the Vervoids, The Ultimate Foe, The Juggernauts (audio drama)
Sylvester McCoy (1987-1996)- The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, The Silver Nemesis, Ghost Light, Remembrance of the Daleks, The Curse of Fenric, Survival, The Dark Husband (audio drama)
Paul McGann (1996-2005)- The Movie, Storm Warning (audio drama), Invaders From Mars (audio drama), The Chimes of Midnight (audio), Shada (audio), Blood of the Daleks (audio)
Christopher Eccleston (2005)- Rose, Dalek, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf, The Parting of the Ways
David Tennant (2006-2009)- The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride, Blink, Utopia, The Sound of Drums, Last of the Time Lords, Time Crash, Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime, Planet of the Ood, The Sontaran Stratagem, The Poison Sky, The Doctor's Daughter, The Stolen Earth, The Next Doctor

...Yeah. I'm a fan/nerd. XD

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 6, '09, 1:16 am 
I now declareth thee thy official Doctor Who Fanboy!

But I really think I should watch a little bit of this... maybe... >.>

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 6, '09, 2:12 am 
I've been a fan of Doctor Who since the Tom Baker era.. which aired on my local PBS station in the 80s.. after his run was actually over in the UK. Of course we didn't have this fancy internet back then so I was oblivious. They aired a 30-minute episode every weeknight so his 7 year run was condensed down to about 2.

When they switched to Peter Davison (which we also got after he was no longer on the show) I remember being unhappy about it at first. However, his portrayal of the Doctor grew on me and even if I didn't like him as much as Tom Baker I still enjoyed the show.

That PBS station only played the first Colin Baker episode and then canceled the show. I didn't see the show again until the late 80s/early 90s. By then I was living in a different area and that PBS station started playing the Sylvester McCoy episodes. The downside was they played an entire 2-hour serial at something like midnight on Friday. I braved the sleep deprivation to catch them.

I'll fast forward to now and skip the 1996 movie and current series to date... when I heard that the new doctor was only 26 I was initially skeptical but quickly remembered how brilliantly they've cast everyone in the new series so far. I will miss David Tennant but I also have great faith that they selected someone perfect for the role.

 Post subject: Re: Doctor Who
PostPosted: Fri May 29, '09, 11:36 pm 
Saw this article about Doctor Who and remembered we have some fans of this show who may be interested in reading it.

 Post subject: Re: Doctor Who
PostPosted: Sat May 30, '09, 1:38 pm 
I do enjoy Doctor Who but I tend to lean towards Tom Baker. He seems to be the better Doctor out of the one's I've seen. I wonder how the new series is..... ::Looks to Snorb for more info::

 Post subject: Re: Doctor Who
PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, '13, 6:14 am 
I'm pulling some thread necromancy on this because I probably shouldn't have clogged up the shoutbox explaining things to Atlin about Doctor Who and what is and is not good. So... for the benefit of everybody, A Guide to Watching Doctor Who For Any Doctor. Any episodes I have in bold in the Ninth Doctor era on are what I personally consider the best of that particular Doctor's run.

As River Song is fond of saying, "Spoilers!"

The First Doctor, and subject of an excellent docudrama that aired back in 2013, An Adventure in Space and Time. Originally curmudgeonly, he warmed up after a few episodes into the Doctor best described as a cross between Santa Claus and Merlin. He had an obvious effect on the series, with staples such as the Daleks, Cybermen, and regeneration first appearing during his run.

As an interesting side-note: The First Doctor is entirely absent from the third part of his final adventure, The Tenth Planet. The Twelfth Doctor's final episode, Twice Upon a Time, explains that the First Doctor (now played by David Bradley) went on an adventure to the North Pole with the Twelfth Doctor.

Cause of death: Energy drain from the planet Mondas (The Tenth Planet, Part Four; recreated in Twice Upon a Time)

Recommended Viewing: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Aztecs, The Time Meddler, The Tenth Planet, Twice Upon a Time

The Second Doctor, and the answer to the question "How do you do Doctor Who without Doctor Who?" (The answer being "Why, kill Doctor Who!") With his hobo's fur coat and his recorder, the Second Doctor comes across as more of an eccentric uncle than the grandfatherly figure of the First Doctor, and while he acts clownish and plays the fool, there is a cunning mind behind his madness.

Cause of death: Executed by the Time Lords (The War Games, Part Twelve)

Recommended Viewing: A lot of his run was deleted by the BBC, but you can find reconstructions or synopses online. That said, The Mind Robber, The Invasion, and The War Games exist in full (or partially reconstructed) on DVD.

JON PERTWEE (1970-1973)
The Third Doctor, the first Doctor to appear in the 1970s, the first Doctor to be in color, and as the Blu-Ray for his first episode will tell you, the first Classic Series Doctor to be on Blu-Ray. Third Doctor is more of an action-oriented Doctor, willing to get his hands dirty. He crosses his brilliant scientific mind with the power of Venusian aikido to be one of the most memorable of the Doctor's many incarnations. During his run, we saw the debut of his greatest foe, the Master, along with the famous companion Sarah-Jane Smith, and the tenth anniversary episode The Three Doctors.

Cause of death: Radiation poisoning from the crystals of Metebilis III (Planet of the Spiders)

Recommended Viewing: Spearhead From Space, The Three Doctors, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Time Warrior, Planet of the Spiders

Recommended Listening: The Paradise of Death, Doctor Who and the Ghosts of N-Space

TOM BAKER (1974-1981)
The Fourth Doctor, known for his perpetual "Holy crap!!" look, his love for jelly babies, and his overly long scarf. Tom Baker plays his role as a bohemian traveler, exploring the universe with a smile on his face and a verbal jab always ready. With the 1980 season came a new version of the opening titles, along with a new producer, and the show got to be truly 80s.

Cause of death: Fell off a 200' radio tower (Logopolis)

Recommended Viewing: Robot, The Ark in Space, Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death, The Armageddon Factor, The Brain of Morbius, The Keepers of Traken, Logopolis

PETER DAVISON (1982-1984)
The Fifth Doctor, known for his gentlemanly ways, having three beautiful women as his traveling companions (not at the same time!), wearing celery on his cricket uniform-inspired clothing, and the extreme violence of his run. The Fifth Doctor had some solid episodes, and the famous twentieth season which not only featured his classic opponents, but a reunion with his past selves, along with the shocking death of one of his companions.

Cause of death: Spectrox toxemia (The Caves of Androzani)

Recommended Viewing: Castrovalva, Mawdryn Undead, Four to Doomsday, The Five Doctors, Earthshock, Time Flight, The Arc of Infinity, Planet of Fire, The Caves of Androzani

COLIN BAKER (1984-1986)
The Sixth Doctor, known for that coat. That damn coat. That ugly as Monday morning coat. Sixth Doctor plays it somewhere between the Second and Third Doctors, a cross between obfuscating stupidity and genuine cleverness. Unlike the previous Doctors, he was more of a colossal jerk (but grew out of it and became a pleasant fellow.) The ultimate tragedy of Colin Baker's run is that he was the only actor fired by the BBC (out of spite) and thus we were denied the character development afforded earlier and later Doctors.

...At least, until Big Finish Productions got Colin in the studio (along with Peter, Sylvester, Paul, and eventually Tom!) to do a new series of Sixth Doctor audio plays, where he goes from the jerk he started his run as to the nice fellow he ended his TV run as. His working relationship with companion Melanie Bush gets expanded and elaborated on, he gets new and old companions, and we finally find out just how the Sixth Doctor died! (Colin's last TV episode was in 1986. The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure was released September 2015. We waited 29 years for this.)

Cause of death: Lakertyan radiation poisoning. After all, he had to get to Lakertya so that Time and the Rani could happen! (The Last Adventure: The Brink of Death)

Recommended Viewing: Revelation of the Daleks, Vengeance on Varos, The Mysterious Planet, Terror of the Vervoids

Recommended Listening: Slipback, The Juggernauts, The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure

Not-Recommended at All For Any Reason: The Twin Dilemma. Not just the worst episode of Doctor Who ever made in the history of the omniverse, this is the first Sixth Doctor story. He... had some crap writers for the TV era.

SYLVESTER McCOY (1987-1996)
The Seventh Doctor, at first glance, seemed another puckish rogue figure in the vein of the Second Doctor, but quickly grew into a scheming chessmaster figure. As much as I like him, I must admit that with Sylvester McCoy, we got three years of the weirdest damn plots in Doctor Who (as part of the so-called Cartmel Masterplan, where script editor Andrew Cartmel tried to clean up some long-running loose ends involving the Doctor's history pre-First Doctor.) Seven had the popular companion Dorothy "Ace" McShane, who gained notoriety in the episode Remembrance of the Daleks for beating an armored Dalek to death with a baseball bat.

Cause of death: Shot in San Francisco, died during exploratory cardiac surgery (The Movie)

Recommended Viewing: Delta and the Bannermen, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, The Silver Nemesis, The Curse of Fenric, Ghost Light, Survival

Recommended Listening: The Dark Husband

PAUL McGANN (1996-2005)
The Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann is twenty gallons of awesome sauce in a one-ounce cup. After a very traumatic regeneration, he demonstrated several abilities that we haven't seen the Doctor use since: hypnosis, pickpocketing, and the ability to see a person's future. The man sounds like he gargles pinot noir, for God's sake. I could listen to him read the Yellow Pages all day. Anyway, he had a very tragically one-night-only run on TV, but a long-running series of monthly audio plays for Big Finish Productions, which was so popular that the Eighth Doctor Adventures were spun off into their own separate monthly run which is still going on sixteen years later.

Cause of death: Died in a spaceship crash trying to save the life of someone who hated him just for being a Time Lord. (The Night of the Doctor)

Recommended Viewing: The Movie, The Night of the Doctor (mini-episode, prequel to The Day of the Doctor)

Recommended Listening: Look, explaining what Big Finish audio plays starring Paul McGann are worth listening to is going to take a lot of server space, because they were all worthwhile (except Minuet in Hell, because they go way overboard with the over-sexualized fanservice), but whatever. You read this far. Everything. Start with Shada and go from there. Skip Minuet in Hell.

JOHN HURT (2013)
The War Doctor, a long-forgotten regeneration of the Doctor who retroactively forfeited the name of the Doctor due to his actions that caused the end of the Last Great Time War between the Daleks and the Time Lords. (Not the genocide of both species and the destruction of their respective homeworlds of Skaro and Gallifrey, which later Doctors are more than willing to talk about. It was the wholesale murder of 2.47 billion Gallifreyan children that he did "without choice, in the name of peace and sanity," "but not in the name of the Doctor.") He may claim to have lost the right to call himself the Doctor in his mind, but when you see him in action, the War Doctor is still very much the Doctor. Sadly, John Hurt only featured in the fiftieth anniversary special, but what he did with his time as the War Doctor is awesome.

Cause of death:
Old age. Sadly, his ears weren't as "less conspicuous" as he wished when he regenerated. (The Day of the Doctor)

Recommended viewing: The Name of the Doctor (cameo appearance), The Night of the Doctor (cameo appearance), The Day of the Doctor (featured appearance)

The Ninth Doctor, famed for his leather jacket, big ears, and Northern accent (because "lots of planets have a north,") Christopher Eccleston portrays his Doctor as a world-weary traveler fighting the memories of the Time War. His is a portrayal that is touching, and he tries to be a father figure for his companion Rose Tyler.

Cause of death: Absorbed the Time Vortex from Rose by kissing her. Not a bad way to go. (The Parting of the Ways)

Recommended Viewing: Rose, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, The Long Game/Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

DAVID TENNANT (2006-2009)
The Tenth Doctor, and a more youthful geek-chic figure. In some ways, he's even more of a tragic figure than his predecessor: One companion lost forever in an alternate universe, the return of his archnemesis, spent one of his regenerations to avoid regenerating in a moment of vanity, forced to leave a beloved companion on Earth and never see her again lest her memories overwhelm and destroy her, and haunted by the prophecy "He will knock four times, and you will die." The Tenth Doctor has his fair share of adventures both good and bad, including one responsible for the introduction of the single most pants-crappingly-terrifying villains in history, the Weeping Angels.

Cause of death: Heroic sacrifice-induced radiation poisoning (The End of Time, Part Two)

Recommended Viewing: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, The Satan Pit, 42, The Idiot's Lantern, Blink, Time Crash (mini-episode), Voyage of the Damned, Partners in Crime, Midnight, Turn Left, Journey's End, The Next Doctor, The Waters of Mars, The End of Time

Not Recommended For The Reason of Total Suckitude: Fear Her. Holy God, this was probably the worst episode of Modern Series Doctor Who, and this is from the same Doctor that gave us Love & Monsters. Which was also extremely terrible. Skip that one, too.

MATT SMITH (2010-2013)
The Eleventh Doctor, and quite rightly a pop culture icon today. He comes across as part college professor, part eccentric uncle, and is most definitely "a madman with a box." Responsible for introducing the world to the two sexiest women in British television (that's Karen Gillian and Jenna Coleman, for those of you new to this), along with the Silence: an alien species that's almost as terrifying (if not more) than the Weeping Angels.

Cause of death: Old age. Really old age. (The Time of the Doctor)

Recommended Viewing: The Eleventh Hour, Vincent and the Doctor, Space, Time, The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Cold War, Hide, The Name of the Doctor, The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor

Recommended Skipping: Vampires of Venice, The Angels Take Manhattan (now that I've actually seen the first half of it, this episode's kinda stupid.)

PETER CAPALDI (2014-2017)
The Twelfth Doctor, the first Doctor Who actor to actually contribute to the show's theme song (he plays electric guitar in the Before the Flood titles), the first Doctor Who actor to be immortalized in Lego form (Matt Smith is the second, and part of the same official Lego set) and first of a brand-new set of regenerations, Peter Capaldi's eyebrows make their debut in the fiftieth anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor. He made his first actual appearance in The Time of the Doctor, where after realizing that he has a new set of kidneys, he has no idea how to fly the Tardis. Fortunately, that was a bit of post-regeneration trauma, and he has some awesome adventures where he meets the Robin Hood, wonders why we talk to ourselves, wonders who really composed Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, stops a war, loses and regains a dear friend (it's complicated), tries to redeem an old foe, and shows us "What does the Doctor do when he just stops giving a damn?" (The answer: Fight the good fight. "Without hope. Without witness. Without reward.")

Cause of Death: Shot (repeatedly) by Cybermen (The Doctor Falls, holds out long enough to actually regenerate in Twice Upon a Time)

Recommended Viewing: Deep Breath, Robot of Sherwood, Time Heist, Listen, The Caretaker, The Magician's Apprentice (just for his big entrance alone), Heaven Sent (The entire cast is four actors, and except for one line, Peter Capaldi is the only person who speaks in the entire episode.), Extremis, Empress of Mars, World Enough and Time (with a proper explanation of how time dilation works, too!), The Doctor Falls

please god no: Hell Bent (what a way to waste a season finale), Knock Knock (BORRRRRRRRR-RINNNNNNNNNNNG), Smile (this is an episode about killer emojis. This was actually pitched, written, filmed, aired, and preserved on DVD for future viewing, I swear to God.), The Pyramid at the End of the World (way to screw over everyone on Earth, Bill)

The Thirteenth Doctor, the first female Doctor, thinks her regeneration is "brilliant!" and formerly in freefall from the Tardis after destroying it during regeneration again. Her official clothing was revealed a month before her actual debut, and I'm still trying to figure out if it would look better or worse with the Sixth Doctor's coat photoshopped in place of her lavender coat. Season 11 brings us a new Doctor, new Tardis set, new team of companions, new showrunner (Chris Chibnall, who previously worked on Law & Order: UK and Doctor Who's own darker and sinister spinoff, Torchwood), new series composer Segun Akinola, and new opening sequence.

Anyway, she's an extremely joyous Doctor, but she still has some of her thirteen previous incarnations' faults-- she thinks she's the smartest person in the room, and thinks she's in charge of the situation. Fortunately, Team Tardis (Graham O'Brian, Ryan Sinclair, and Yasmine Khan) are there to help her out and ground her as needed.

Unfortunately, after a surprise reunion with her old "friend" the Master, the Doctor spends the next season going through trauma after trauma before finally going to space-jail for over twenty years, and finding out something about herself she (and we) definitely didn't want (or need) to know. (This is my way of saying that there were two episodes in season 12 I actually liked.)

Recommended Viewing: The Woman Who Fell to Earth, Rosa, Demons of the Punjab (this episode led me to look up the real-world events it was centered around, the Partition of India and Pakistan, and let's just say things were *MUCH* worse than what was shown on-screen), Kerblam!, It Takes You Away, Spyfall, Fugitive of the Judoon (for the reveal *alone*)

Don't set the DVR for these: The Witchfinders (I honestly didn't care for any of the people in the village of Pendle Hill and was kinda rooting against them), Resolution (ugh, another Dalek episode, this one blatantly dashed off for legal reasons)

Memory-Hole This Episode: The Timeless Children (or, "I'm Chris Chibnall, and this is my MasterClass: How to destroy fifty-five years worth of canon and retroactively ruin the main character's legacy in one hour, or how not to write an episode of television.")

JO MARTIN (2020)
The Fugitive Doctor, the first time a Black woman played the Doctor, and... ....actually, I don't know too much about her. What I can tell you is that she used to do work for The Division, which was basically the Time Lords' equivalent of the CIA, she committed a bunch of crimes against them, and took up residence in Gloucester after a memory-wipe and assuming the identity of a tour guide named Ruth Clayton. She's funny, she's awesome, and criminally underused.

The reason I bring her up, besides "dude, the Fugitive Doctor is a missing regeneration is an interesting concept," is that neither the Thirteenth nor the Fugitive Doctors ever remember being the other person. Memory wipes do that to you, I guess. She's here on this list despite me hating what the season finale did to the Doctor as a character because I like the Fugitive Doctor.

Recommended Viewing: Fugitive of the Judoon

TOM BAKER (2013)
Wait, what? Didn't I already put Tom Baker up there as the Fourth Doctor? Yes I did. Anyway...

The Curator is a harmless old man who works as a museum curator in London. He tells the Eleventh Doctor one fine day in November 2013 that he acquired a painting under remarkable circumstances, titled "Gallifrey Falls No More." He claims not to know what the painting's name actually means, but let's be fair here: The Doctor never forgets a face, nor does the Curator. He gives the Doctor some subtle encouragement to find where his homeworld ("Lost-- shh!") vanished to after a brief chat, because that's what the Curator would do "if I were you. Oh, if I were you! ...Perhaps I was you, or course! Or perhaps, you were me!"

(I'm using actual quotes from Tom's cameo, but seriously, I can't do four minutes worth of television justice. Seriously, go watch the clip. I'll even link it for you. =p)

Recommended Viewing: The Day of the Doctor: The Doctor Meets the Curator

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 4:59 pm 
A new villain for Doctor Who: ... 26915.html

 Post subject: Re: Doctor Who
PostPosted: Mon Mar 17, '14, 8:43 pm 
That's Keeley Hawes, who I remember most as the voice of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Legends/Anniversary/Underground, and as DI Alex Drake in Life on Mars' sequel series, Ashes to Ashes (which went one season before things got weird(er))

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