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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, '07, 5:20 am 
lol if you haven't gotten the message yet that I enjoy the conversations within elsydeon, then here it is for ya. The site always seemed to think that it was an ordinary sword except that it contained the spirits of each of the fallen heroes, so with each generation of heroes, it would get stronger. Meaning that Alis, might have had this enchanted sword and as it was passed down each of them blessed it with their strength. lol but im getting that from the site, not the games. XD

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 3:36 pm 
I was just thinking now but the Elysdeon for some reason is like this for me

Elys = Alis
deon= Down

which means Alis Down or Alis passed her sword down. Thus coming to the conclusion for me the Elysdeon is Alys' sword just passed down through generation or stored. Which means the Nei Sword could be Alis' sword / Elysdeon.

And as the sword was put away during PSI and PSII, it stored the thoughts and memories of the protectors of Algo as they parted from there lives. Then it was transformed into the NEi Sword from the spirits within, however the spirits did not feel as if they needed to talk to Rolf, for they were sure of what his decision already was. Another thousand years passed and new spirits were added to the sword.

Now we have the Elysdeon. The sword is in it's final form. The spirits that dwell inside the sword know that the events are happening over again. They wanted Chaz to see all that has happened to make him know that he has to put an end to it all so the events never happened again. So they showed him some of their memories, reasurring him that he is basically the last hope.

So when Chaz and co. defeated PD, the souls in the sword were thankful that they can rest in peace, so they did one more thing as they figured out what was happening. The Elysdeon shattered, making a protective barrier to save the young group and went to rest in peace. Algo was finally safe. Too bad about Ragol though :lol:

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 6:28 pm 
One slight mistake in that theory, Its Elsy, not Elys, XD unless they spelt it differently in the other games, but the only thing like that, that i could find was the soul of Elysdeon in PSU...

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 3, '07, 9:47 pm 
I always thought it was Elys-deon too, but Sparky is right about it being Elsy. I guess it's a popular misspelling. Elsy to Alis isn't much more of a leap than Elys to Alis IMO.

Trenzer wrote:Then it was transformed into the NEi Sword from the spirits within, however the spirits did not feel as if they needed to talk to Rolf, for they were sure of what his decision already was.

That's a very good point I haven't seen raised before. Rolf was much more sure of his path than Chaz. Chaz really needed the reassurance that the fight was worth taking on, but Rolf was dedicated to following through with saving Algo.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 5, '07, 11:23 pm 
Thank you. Though I always, for some reason, misread Elsydeon for elysdeon. But now I have to get used to writing it as Elsydeon instead of Elysdeon after all these years of misspelling it. >_<

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 6, '07, 10:20 pm 
I know what you mean. I just noticed a couple of months ago that I had been misspelling it all the time, so now I'm trying to get used to Elsy too. I still catch myself use Elys a lot of times.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, '07, 7:12 pm 
I don't think so.
They are three different swords.
since the Elsydeon it´s embuided with the spirits of the defenders along the time, maybe is a perfection of the Nei, but not the Nei!!
And the Alys Sword, cause it´s made of laconian, there are others "laco sword" but not the same, I think it was conserved in the esp mansion as a reliq from Alys, like the Nei.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, '07, 11:08 pm 
Most likely noah kept this sword after alis died and stored it away in the esper mansion as a keepsake for his ally and friend and knew that one day it would have to be used again one day.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, '08, 7:17 pm 
I think all 3 are the same. In PS2 Rolf had many visions/dreams about previews fights against DF and those visions were given by Alisa. Rolf then got the nei sword and the visions/dreams stopped because he then was part of that fight too. In PS4 Alisa shows also visions of previews fights to Chaz (updating him from previews battles) when he got neisword, I mean elsydeon in his hands.

And... is nei sword the same weapon alis used in ps1?

«The ancient word of power is the word "Nei.» (PS3)
«Also arm yourself with Nei's weapons (…) Before the dark power reigns over Algo, we must get the legendary arms together.» (PS2)
«Use the Nei weapons to destroy Dark Force.» (PS3)

Special weapons to destroy Dark Force (and its followers) also existed in PS1 and, like nei weapons, they were a really menace. That was the reason for La-Shiec to demand the construction of dungeons and towers* in Palma and Dezoris to hide those enchanted items which the majority were made of Laconia (a metal from Espers «that conceals holy powers»).

«What? ‘Overthrow LaShiec?’ If you really are going to do that, you must gather all of the Laconian weapons: Sword, Axe, Shield, and Armor. (…)I heard that LaShiec despises them, so he hid them here and there throughout the planets of Algol.» (PS1)

*- Presuming – that the dungeons/towers didn’t already exist but is much more natural for him to hide in a labyrinth “created” by “him”.

List of Nei (I mean Laconian) items La-Shiec hid:

Enchanted Sword – hid on Abion Tower (Palma)
Magical Axe – hid in a tower (Palma)

Laconian armor- hid in a dungeon “Guaron Morgue” (Dezolis)
Laconian shield – hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)

We can see LaShiec only hid special items in two planets (Dezo and Palma) and can assume that may be other dungeons**… Yes! Because I don’t believe he hid only those 2 weapons – I think espers made many more and our heroes (that already had the weapons they wanted and they could use) only searched for what they needed and then went ahead to Lashiec’s castle.

** - It could also exist other towers but people would easily see them so it’s less probably (even if there were other towers and dungeons in Palma the Planet was already destroyed when Rolf was looking for Nei items)…

In PS2 there were also special weapons that (remained?) in (other) Dezo dungeons… but this time Lutz call those weapons -> “nei”. Where can they be found?

Laco Slasher – hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)

Laco Armor – this is a second time we have an armor hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)
Laco Shield – another one
Laco Emel – hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)
Laco Helmet – hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)
Laco Crown – hid in a dungeon (Dezolis)

Note: there was also other powerful weapons (neiShot) and “armor” (neicape) but probably were not made of laconia.

With 2 dungeons already explored in Dezolis by PS1 protectors (and with Parma destroyed at that time), they went to other 4 dungeons (I think there may exist more with neibows, etc.) - full of monsters to defeat and items to retrieve. As you noticed I’m assuming that dungeons weren’t made by Espers but were a heritage left by La-Shiec to hide those special items he was afraid… ok, no problem about that but… but why would Lutz order Eusis and his team to go there?

«You, Rolf, must arm yourself for battle. Prepare yourself, and then I will tell you about the enemy's plans. The future of Algol depends on you. I'm sure it will be a tough trip, but please do not get discouraged!» (Noah telling Eusis to get nei weapons in Dezo dungeons, PS2)

This is similar to what Odin said to Alisa: «If we got taken down by Medusa, I don’t think we can even stand a chance against LaShiec.» (Odin telling Alisa that they must complete the dungeon stage and get the laconian weapon, PS1)

Well, I think Lutz order them to go to those dungeons for testing purposes in order to see if they had ‘what it takes’ to defeat DF… in fact it is a pretty good simulation of what Lutz and his team have passed to “test” themselves before went to the final battle.

After the exam… «Good job! You are truly a descendant of Alis. I acknowledge that you are qualified to succeed the power of light and the memory of darkness» (Noah, PS2)

This would make those PS2 Dezo dungeons very similar to PS1 Dezo dungeons. They also had laconian armors too, hadn’t they? Well, it’s time to go straight to the point: if we call those laconian weapons ‘NEI weapons’, PS1 weapons (laco axe and laco sword found in dungeons hidden by lashiec) could also be part of the same set of “nei weapons”. If so… Eusis’ nei sword is also alisa (nei) sword.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, '08, 7:08 am 
Wow... that was really well thought out. Can't believe I just read all that and was convinced. Bravo.

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