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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, '07, 3:28 pm 
I can't remember where I saw it.. but it mentioned that Laco had some kind of innate holy power about it, or at least it was thought to have.. This being why Lashiec was weak against Laco weapons.

This doesn't mean that the Laco weapons in PSIV are any more or less.. holy really.. They're just a lot more readily available since the Laco mines where found on Dezolis in AW 843.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 12:50 am 
Neithird wrote:On Alis' sword... I don't know. I doubt Elsydeon is that sword. I guess it could have been given power later. I doubt that would have been the case, though. Nei Sword might be Elsydeon, but I doubt that as well. I think it would have been a major thing to leave out of PS2. I mean, a chance for Rolf to meet his ancestor's spirit when getting his sword? That would have been too good to pass up.
Those are good points. I hadn't thought much of Rolf in regard to Elsydeon before. I'd think if Elsydeon was Alis's sword, that it would be given to all protectors of Algo, including Rolf in PSII. And Lutz doesn't mention any connection between the Nei Sword and Alis. If Elsydeon is Alis's sword, then why would Lutz skip out on Rolf in that 1000 year period?

I don't know what Elsydeon is, or where Lutz found it, but my opinion is that it only appears in PSIV.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 1:38 am 
The Nei weapons were of Esper creation, right? And I'm assuming the same can be said for the Elysdeon. So I'm going to take a guess here.

Would it be too far-fetched to say that perhaps the Nei sword in PSII is the same as Alis's? Perhaps after peace settled over Algo, Alis's Laconian Sword was made into the Nei Sword with the Esper's magic, or so to speak, and then hidden on Dezoris.

But then, that doesn't necessarily answer the question regarding the Elysdeon, does it? ;)

So, what if we applied the above to the Elysdeon? Maybe the Elysdeon was created either from Rolf's Nei Sword, or Alis's Laocian Sword. Not saying that all three swords are the same, but it's something to consider. Though it leaves a hole, since if the Nei Sword from PSII is the Elysdeon, then why would its name be changed in PSIV, unless it was modified since then. :p

Okay, I'm goin' in circles here, but hopefully you get the point. :lol: I just like to use some imagination at times like these, helps when there's loads of plot holes. Nothing's really for certain, unless there's some official information regarding this somewhere.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 2:23 am 
If this little Biography of Elsydeon.. taken from this very site, is accurate.. we can lay this all to rest.

Quote: To combat the great evils that threatened Algo, Lutz and his fellow Espers created a powerful sword called Elsydeon. The sword was placed in a cavern below the Esper Mansion. As with the true nature of Lutz, the details of Elsydeon were kept secret from the general population of Esper Mansion. They know only that the blade was rumored to be a sacred sword that grants great power hidden somewhere on Dezoris.

When the life of a person who fought to protect Algo ended, such as Alis Landale, Rolf, and their companions, that person's spirit came to rest in the cavern. These spirts sheltered the sword and their thoughts were stored within it.

The sword remained in the cavern until AW 2284, Chaz Ashley entered the cavern at the prompting of Rune Walsh. When Chaz reached Elsydeon, the spirit of Alis Landale communicated with and bestowed the sword to him. Once in possession of the sword, Chaz was able to learn the Megid technique at the Anger Tower on Rykros.

After Chaz and his companions fought the Profound Darkness, they were endangered when the dimensional hole used for a battlefield began to collapse. At this time, Elsydeon's blade shattered and formed a white mist that protected the heroes. The fate of the spirits and the sword's remains after this were never revealed.

It is possible that Elsydeon possessed some level of self-awareness. Rune Walsh refers to it like a person. He tells Chaz, "Go and meet with Elsydeon!" and "Elsydeon promised that it would give you power." It is unclear if Rune views the sword and the spirits that protect it as one and the same or if he had previously communicated with the sword itself, rather than the spirits.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 3:16 am 
Divine Dragon wrote:If this little Biography of Elsydeon.. taken from this very site, is accurate.. we can lay this all to rest.
THIS SITE!? :lol: I'm through arguing now and I'm going back to browsing this site some more!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 2:38 pm 

Okay, that goes to show how little I browse this site, and yet I post at this forum. xD

Still! Thoul started this thread, and it's his site! Hah! I think he was testing us! :D

PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, '07, 11:46 pm 
I was just looking to see what everyone thought about the possible connections. Notice that the biography doesn't say anything about that or what Elsydeon was created from or how it was created.

It sounds like some of you need to browse the site more, though. ;)

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, '07, 2:27 am 
Something I never got is why the characters in the sword look the same as they do in game. It makes sense in for Alys and Nei since that's how they looked before they died but what about everyone else? Unless of course the sword only remembers how people looked when they first came near it.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, '07, 6:55 pm 
They're spirits, they can probably look like whatever they want. ;) I think most people have a mental image of their own appearance; as spirits, they may be able to manifest themselves with that mental image.

The sword is supposed to have all the memories of the heroes. I guess it only selected a few to show Chaz.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 15, '07, 5:16 am 
The Elsydeon is probobly a probobly somthing like a blessed Loconia sword. I always belived that the Elsydeon was the sword used in all the games.

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