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 Post subject: Do you rely on reviews?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, '08, 1:17 am 
Almost as long as video games have existed, there have been people that write reviews for them. You can find them in magazines, TV shows, and especially on the internet. Do you rely on reviews to tell you if a game might be worth playing? If you do, how accurate, in general, do you think such reviews are? Have you ever played a game based on a review and had a very different experience than the review suggested?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, '08, 2:12 am 
Most times I do. I make sure to read up on most games before I buy them. Before I bought Xenosaga Episode II the review I read was completely trashing the game saying it wasn't worth the buy. Well I absolutly love the game and I'm glad I bought and never listened to the review. Anyways a review is basically just one persons opinion and everyones different so reviews are never going to be 100% right.

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