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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, '10, 10:31 pm 
Ugh, that was the picture I was referring to =(

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, '10, 5:05 am 
It's such a shame that only Nei has been given an official figure or model. Alys, Demi, and Rika would have all made great additions to the Sega Gals figure series.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, '10, 10:42 am 
Alis would make a great addition to Sega Gals, since she is the face of Phantasy Star I. The other girls, well, if people consider Nei pretty obscure after PSII being a blockbuster, imagine secondary characters from not-so popular PS games...

By the way, I have the Nei figurine and it was pretty cheap, less than $5.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, '10, 12:17 pm 
I would take the main girl of every Phantasy Star of the classic saga, it would be great.

Alis for PS
Nei, we already have for PSII
Mieu for PSIII
And finally Rika for PSIV

PostPosted: Tue Nov 18, '14, 6:14 am 
Phantasy Star II Hint book, mint, with poster
Phantasy Star III Hint book, mint
Phantasy Star IV Hint book, very good
Phantasy Star Compendium, mint/unopened
Phantasy Star Universe Hint book, mint, unused
Phantasy Star II, Megadrive
Phantasy Star III, Genesis, with poster
Phantasy Star IV, Genesis
Phantasy Star Collection, Sega Saturn
Phantasy Star Online, Dreamcast
Phantasy Star Online 1_2 plus, Gamecube
Phantasy Star Online, OST
Phantasy Star Online, Songs of Ragol Odyssey
Phantasy Star Online Premium arrange
Phantasy Star Online 3 Card revolution ost
Phantasy Star Online 3, Pokemon card edition, Gamecube
Phantasy Star Collection, GBA, with poster
Phantasy Star Online, XBOX
Phantasy Star Universe, XBOX 360,
Phantasy Star Universe CD with Visual art book
Phantasy Star 1-3, arranged album
Phantasy Star IV arranged
Phantasy Star Generations 1, PS2
Phantasy Star Generations 2, PS2
Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 32: Phantasy Star Complete Collection , PS2
Phantasy Star 25th complete collection anniversary 1-4 soundtrack
Phantasy Star 0, NDS

Sigh. I never actually took count of it all till now. Its not so impressive since its pretty much my only materialistic endeavor, which I strive not to do in most other areas of life. My hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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