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 Post subject: Spiral Knights
PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 4:52 pm 
I just thought I would mention this. Hopefully, someone else didn't already post about this and now I am doubling up. I came across Spiral Knights (developed by Three Rings and presented by SEGA) last week when it was reviewed in an article I was reading. It is a free to play game, but you can purchase game money with real money (you know how it works). Besides that, it seems you can acquire all your gear just by playing (no money investment needed). The only challenge I would have is actually finding other people to party up with, as finding low key/mature/cool gamers is difficult in that community. Any ways, the game play is similar to things like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past but in a knight like steampunk era. If you like those kind of games I highly recommend it, or just try it out because its free. Also, you can play on PC or Mac. If anyone is down to party up my character name is Yellowdancer (my friends call me Lancer :wink: ).

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 Post subject: Re: Spiral Knights
PostPosted: Tue Jun 7, '11, 10:19 pm 
I've heard about the game, but I didn't know it was free. I might have to look into this one some more. Thanks for the heads up on it. :)

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