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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, '14, 9:03 am 
Does everybody here watch cable/satellite/etc. or watch television on a regular basis?
I truly help that I am not the odd man out, but since living on my own for 15 years now or so, I have never (as an adult) had a cable TV subscription or satellite dish or whatever other thing you want to call it.

so by and large, I do not really watch television and I am a bit lost when people refer to newer sitcoms or TV shows or whatever happened at whatever award ceremony for ceremony "xx."

I do have a TV in my living room, but I never ever rarely ever use it, unless I am entertaining people. I just never found watching the program that are on television, is the sole reason just watch TV, "because it is only thing on"

This is not to say that I do not watch entertainment on a screen. If I find movies that I think I will enjoy or know that I will enjoy, or TV series that I would enjoy, or anime, and of course video games-- I will watch them in the entertained by them--- most of which I use on television on my desk. I do own an HDTV in my desk office area, which is actually listed as a monitor on Samsung's website, but it doubles as television wishes.

now just about everybody that I know, including my family in the house that I was raised in, the television always constantly on. either did not think much of it then, but now it is such a strange concept to me: both the idea of keeping a television on constantly, and the idea of watching television shows that you do not necessarily like yet watch because they are the only thing on.

I would suppose that any given week I watch maybe about five or six hours, or less, of something. whether it is a TV show, or film. I just wonder if any of you are also not to television inclined either.

this idea popped up in my head only because as I was thinking of things I have that really serve no purpose, I was just thinking about the 35 or some inch television in my living room that I never use or months; this is the dust collector. sure at one time I played games on it, but not now. now with ancient probably was 13 years old. the only good thing about it was that it is dual voltage meaning that it worked when I lived in Poland or Germany and abroad, just as well as it works here in the United States.

now regarding what I said above, it is true that I do not watch TV and I do not have cable or satellite, but I do of course used my computer and use the HD monitor/television with it, but I spend most of the time reading--- a lot-- rather than watching videos or whatever. even on YouTube, I rarely watch videos, instead I just use it to listen to music. I do watch a few TV shows, and I do anticipate new season of Archer, which will be my 24 minutes a week watching TV.
unfortunately, while I do have my game systems hooked up to my Monitor/television, just do not have the time and I have a serious backlog of games that I bought and never played.

its an interesting cultural concept; I know people who not only watch TV, but unfortunately use the as a babysitting device for the children.

How about you all? Do you have cable or satellite dish? or do you not really watch TV much?

( here is an interesting fun fact: if you live in the UK, they actually have a "television inspector" and if you have a television in your flat or house, you must obligatory really pay a television tax because the BBC offers "free" basic cable. so often, people will actually hide their televisions to avoid paying this tax, haha)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, '14, 12:45 pm 
In my adult life, I've also never had a TV subscription. Anything I want to watch, I stream it or watch it online in some other form, or get it on DVD if that's the only option (and I really want it that bad). That said, we have multiple TVs because we have four people here. One of them is an old CRT for retro games, and between four geeks, one HDTV wasn't going to cut it, especially since I'm not a big TV/movie person in the first place but my housemates are. It's basically so TV use for movies/games etc. can't be monopolized.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 20, '14, 6:15 pm 
I hate Comcast with a passion, which I'm stuck with in this apartment. If I had it my way, we wouldn't have cable at all, but my husband watches professional sports, which are still mostly exclusive to cable and satellite television broadcasts. Tight controls, there.

I prefer Netflix and watch older sitcoms, mostly. Right now I'm slowly going through "Cheers." I'm not a movie person and watch maybe two movies a year, maybe more if the kids beg enough.

The Internet and video games dominate my screen time. I'm not really sure how much time I spend a day looking at screens. I don't really care as long as I get some exercise each day.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, '14, 12:37 am 
We have several TV's throughout the house. There is usually one of them on at various times depending on if there is something on that someone wants to watch. We no longer have cable as that was a big pain and very expensive also. We also watch DVD's of various tv shows and love being able to see several seasons at our convenience instead of having to wait for the next season to begin again on tv. We actually did without tv for a few years and did not miss it as much as we thought we would due to all the other options available online, etc., these days. I mostly keep it tuned to the news and weather when I watch anyway.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, '14, 12:54 am 
No subscription. I have two Roku's and use those for Netflix and the like.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 1, '15, 8:42 pm 
Cable in the past. Don't watch that much TV now so no subscription.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, '15, 12:13 am 
TV subscriptions are a big pain. A year or two ago we set up an antenna to pick up local stations and that's good enough for the most part. I miss a few cable channels, but frankly they were not worth the headache.

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