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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '16, 3:30 pm 
Hard to avoid this story on the internet today. ... 1765484317

I'm sorry, but criticizing lazily designed, bad games is not grounds for libel, slander or assault or accusing a single game critic who isn't even all that famous (well, not prior to this anyway) of being the sole reason that you haven't been successful is hogwash, to use a nicer term. I doubt this will get far in court, but if it does, I hope it's to actually clarify some of the grey areas of fair use, and not in a way that starts making criticism grounds for libel/slander.

If someone did actually send DH that package...well, of course that's inexcusable for whoever did it. But Jim can't control what his fans do, and nothing that he has said (to my knowledge) encourages nor incites his fans to harass DH, so holding him responsible for that is tenuous at best.

And in case anyone asks, yes, I am a fan of Jim Sterling. He's one of my top three "youtubers" (if I must), the others being Yahtzee and Angry Joe.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '16, 10:08 pm 
There's a reason you're expected to have thick skin when you're making any kind of creative media.

So you don't become "that guy". Digital Homicide just became "that guy".

PostPosted: Sat Mar 19, '16, 1:22 pm 
Yes, agreed. Not many people had heard of them before, but now their name will be much bigger and will have a scarlet letter A across their internet face. Such a bad move, especially for PR, regardless of one's feelings about Jim.

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