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PostPosted: Fri Nov 7, '14, 10:13 pm 
augmentedfourth wrote:I agree with Thoul in that I don't think the domes would be THAT big. They did have to be built on Palm, after all; ;)

I agree. From the games, it appears Palma is a smallish planet to begin with in size both by PS1's landmarks, but also by all 3 or 4 games showing images which depict Palm as the smaller guy.

Then, sure, the domes are small, you'd think after the heavily argued 1 or 2 thousand years which pass based on your interpretation, why wasnt there a population boom or a technological revolution, in that time?

Well, the country/realm of england (and its fellow countries of wales, scottland, ireland ;), easily a smallish country by comparison to say. china---anyway this smallish country didnt have a population boom or technological revolution worth noting, during the period of 5th century b.c. and 5th century c.e. 2000 years, just like the latter argued theory that PS2 till PS3 was 2000 years.

Famine, disease, and war kept the populations and advancement at a standstill.

So with those circumstances thrown into a PS3 perspective, PLUS throw in BIO-MONSTERS to that equation of war, famine, disease, it makes it believable that there was a population stagnation in any area of growth measurable, in those numerous smallish countries built on a smallish planet known as Pal/rm(a).

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