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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, '08, 4:06 am 
Remember when the Chaos Sorceror stowed away on the shuttle? His plan was to wreck the engines and keep Chaz and friends away from Kuran. He was killed before he could do it, but the battle wound up crashing the shuttle anyway.

When do you think the Chaos Sorceror boarded the shuttle? Was it on Motavia, before the launch? If so, shouldn't Demi have been able to detect him before the shuttle took off? Could he have instead been hiding on Zelan and slipped aboard when Chaz, Rika, and Rune were talking to Wren?

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, '08, 5:16 am 
He was probably inactive until they were heading close enough to some control unit on Kuran where he turned on and tried to attack.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, '08, 12:06 am 
Things that support he was on Motavia first
- Demi may only be able to detect things inside kuran, so anything inside other plants, ports, etc. could be beyond her reach (but the same question could be applied to Wren in Zelan)
- (Why didn't he attack before reach Zelan?) Well, in this way he could destroy Wren as well (one more protector... yei!) and hack zelan

Possibilities that support he always was on Zelan:
- Zelan communications were blocked by kuran so Wren wasn't able to detect him
- All "Chaos sorcerer" seems to wear a respiratory machine embedded (like Darth Vader) which would make him survive in Zelan and in space after destroying the shuttle)
- DF attacked Kuran so makes sense to try on Zelan too (wren simply didn't allowed invasion)
- We have no trace of a "Chaos sorcerers" and respective "clones" in Motavia, only in PD (which is on Motabia but wasn't opened yet), Ryucross and Air Castle

I only see motifs for him to be in Zelan but I didn't give up on my first idea (motavia)

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, '08, 3:28 am 
maybe he was like one of those robots that stay onboard ships. Ok let me see if I can explain this. The Chaos Sorceror was basically you're typical maintenence/cleaning robot for the spaceship. After awhile when the spaceport was closed by Zio taking over Nurvus his programming eventually shut down and he fell into a deep sleep. Many months later the black wave struck across Motavia and corrupted his programming, but he was still laying dorment in the ship. After the team defeated Zio and restored Nurvus the power came back to the port, as well as the ship. But the robot was still unactivated. Time passed as the group made their way to Zelan. At this point during the conversation with Wren, when he activated the controls to guide you to Kuran a sorta electrical shock wave went through the ship, waking the dorment robot up. As the group passed by Dezolis on their way to Kuran this was when the black wave completely overtook the robots programming and he began damaging the ship. Then the rest, we know how Rika enjoys crash landings now don't we

Edit: I went back and played through to this battle and I know he casts esper magic such as Hewn and Flaeli. As well as casting Shadowbind, but my idea still goes about the robot idea. Basically the espers shoot the magic from their hands "Such as Rune and Kyra, as well as Zio (If we consider he mighta been a esper at one point and went all emo on us) but not by the use of their weapons. Hell Kyra doesn't even use a wand so I still say the Chaos Sorceror could be a robot and the magic he's using was a special modification that gave his wand the ability to use magics. They're like artifical forms of the spells, unlike the fullblown ones you get with Rune and Kyra.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, '08, 10:19 am 
Quote:Edit: I went back and played through to this battle and I know he casts esper magic such as Hewn and Flaeli. As well as casting Shadowbind, but my idea still goes about the robot idea.

Even Wren could perform Flaeli through Flaming Sword item, so we have to agree with that. The only problem is that these kinds of enemies are represented by "Chaos Sorcerer" (who was in the shuttle and then reappears in Air Castle), "Illusionist" and "Imagio Mage".

Image Image
Myst Cape (PSII)/Chaos Sorcerer (PSIV)

Image Image
Illusionist (PSII) / Illusionist (PSIV)

Image Image
Imagio Mage (PSII) / Imagio Mage (PSIV)

As we see, in PSII they didn't need a magic wand to perform techniques/magic, so maybe in PSIV was just a re-design.

Quote:CHAOS SORCERER: Oh my, I've been found out already. Well, it doesn't matter now whether I sabotage the engines or kill you right here! You're not getting to Kuran!

It seems the great problem of Chaos Sorcerer was preventing the party to reach Kuran (he doesn’t seem to care about Zelan at all). Yes, all indicates he was always in Zelan.

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