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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, '08, 1:15 am 
Thoul wrote::rofl: "A magic item with the COOKN power." I wonder which item has the FRYIN power. ;)

Ok that was funny. I gotta do this now.

(Rhys and Mieu enter a random battle with a Giant in the desert)

Rhys: What was that?
Mieu: It seemed like a program error.
Rhys: Program error? But I'm not a Android.
Mieu: Most likely the artificial sky's program is acting up.
Rhys: It wasn't just the sky. It was like.. The whole world bleeped.
Mieu: Oh? I will keep this information stored in my memory.
Rhys: Alright lets take this Giant and get to town... Hey whats this?

(Rhys notices a unknown item in his inventory)

Rhys: It looks like a...
Mieu: A skillet?
Rhys: No harm in trying it right?
Mieu: Preparing to go into defensive formation.
Rhys: Come on Mieu, don't be like that.

(Rhys uses the Skillet, unleashing the amazing power of the FRYIN tech which eleminates the Giant and severely burns Rhys.)

Rhys: (blows out a smoke cloud) That was wicked.
Mieu: I shall never understand these Orakians and their wild moments.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, '08, 5:37 am 
Raja: Oh we Dezolians aren't all about humor.
Chaz: Oh really.
Raja: Oh yeah, there are some pretty bad Dezolians out there.
Rika: I can't see it...
Raja: Wait, don't tell me you've never heard of Ivan the Horrible?
Rika and Chaz: Nope.
Raja: He was the worst of them all, he used "The ancient weapon" to make Dezolis the way it is.
Chaz: The way it is? Do you mean it wasn't always snowy?
Rune: Of course not......

Rune and Raja begin telling the story...
Hours later....

Raja: And so the original Dezolians banished Ivan to the mountains and hid away this secret weapon forever..
Rika: *snore*
Chaz: Wow, so what is this ancient weapon?
Raja leans in close: It was called the Rfrigeratr...
Chaz: What does it do?
Raja: It has the forbidden RFRGERATN power.
Chaz and Rika: *GASP*

Sorry couldn't resist that. We only had heating items.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, '08, 5:41 am 
To Sparky: :lol: You have to love Raja.

(During the Sand Worm Hunter's Guild mission...)

Gryz: (Searching through items, wounded) I need a monomate, OW!
Hahn: (Casting wat repeatedly) I'd heal you but I'm too busy creating blizzards with Alys!
Alys: (Casting zan repeatedly) Ditto!
Chaz: (Is tangled up in the things the sand worm shoots out of its mouth, trying to cut self free.)
Rika: I'm coming, Gryz!
Gryz: Thank you...wait, what the...(Procures a frying pan) Why are we carrying this?
Alys: Errr...
Gryz: Hmmm...(Frying pan glows)...gah! (Unleashes FRYIN)

(The sand worm is killed and its hide is tanned)

Rika, Chaz, Hahn, Alys:.....
Gryz: I didn't do anything!
Alys: You did something, but who cares? Free leather out of the deal!
Chaz: Hey, yeah!

(The team leaves the sand worm ranch discussing what to do with the leather created out of the sand worm's hide from FRYIN.)

I like the idea of a frying pan item with such power. It sounds like an item you'd find in Earthbound.

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