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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, '14, 8:52 pm 
Hello, I decided to make this topic, it is about techniques in Phantasy Star IV, what they do and when you would use them.I do the techs in the order this site does ... ques.shtml

So ... Let's go!

Foi - First offensive tech in the game, it can be useful in the early stages in the game.In early stages of the game, it might do about 25-30 damage to an enemy, Runes Foi might do about 70-80 damage, which is quite a lot, Kyras... when you have her, it might do a good amount.

GiFoi - You should have it by the Juza battle, when Alys has it, it might do about 80 damage, Rune gets it at level 19, and it can be useful against Zio.During Lashiec, if Kyra has not learned NaFoi, it could be useful.

NaFoi - You should have it by Dark Force 1 battle, it can be pretty useful.It makes fights on Dezolis and Lashiec pretty easy.

Wat - This can be a useful tech when you get it, for Hahn, it might do about 30-40 damage, but for Rune it could do 90-100 damage.

GiWat - This can be useful for the Gy-Laguiah fight, and for some other enemies.

NaWat - This can be useful on Motavia, it can also be useful during a few boss fights like De-Vars or Sa-Lews.

Tsu - This can be a handy tech, especially in early parts of the game.It can do about 50-60 damage.

GiThu - For some reason, Tsu changes to Thu, anyway, this can be useful during fights like Zio and Dark Force.It can also make TriBlaster when combined with Foi and Wat.

NaThu - Very useful tech, it is useful during Lashiec, Dark Force 2, and Dark Force 3.It can do about 300 damage.

Zan - Eh, nothing is vunerable to it, but nothing is immune to it, it also can make Fire Storm or Blizzard, when used with Wats or Fois.

GiZan - When you first get it, it is pretty useful, it can about 80 damage to all enemies.

NaZan - It can be useful when used with Foi or Wat or Flaeli to make fire storm or blizzard.

Gra - Pretty useful, not as powerful as Hewn, still good though.

GiGra - Pretty useful also, especially in places like Kuran.

NaGra - Very useful against large groups of enemies.

Vol - Pretty useful when you first have it, it works a lot also.

SaVol - Very useful, it can be combined with Diem to make Holocaust.

Doran - Eh, not into debuffs, but it's fun to use.

Gelun - Can be sorta useful in early stages of the game.

Seals - Can be sorta useful against Tech Masters, Greneris', Radhins or Dark Witches

Rimit - Not super great, can be a little useful against large enemy groups, though.

Brose - You might think this Tech is useless.But, if you're leveled up enough, it can work alot.

Megid - Super useful, it does about 500 damage to all enemies, how is that not useful ? Also, it can be added to Deban, Legeon and Positron Bolt to make Destruction.

Res - Well, when you're leveled up a lot and need to heal a little, it can heal about 70.

GiRes - When Raja or Kyra use it, it heals for about 160.

NaRes - It heals for about 300, so I guess it's useful.

Sar - When Rika uses it, its healing only does about 20, but for Raja it can heal for about 50.

GiSar - It can be useful against Xe-A-Thouls and Lashiec and Dark Force 2.Also, it can be useful when NaSar is not needed.

NaSar - Heals for about 250, so it's pretty useful, but you might not too use it a lot.

Anti - It can be sorta useful, actually, in places like Rykros from the Crimson Heads.

Rimpa - OK, It actually can be a little useful, if you're stuck.

Arows - Can be a little useful during Dark Force 3.

Rever - Meh, it's sorta useful, I guess.

Regen - This fully heals a character even if they're dead or alive, and also cures status effects.So it's super useful.

Deban - This is pretty useful, and can be used with Megid, Positron Bolt and Legeon to make Destruction.

Saner - Very useful, especially during Profound Darkness.

Shift - It makes characters ATK power go up by about 50, so it's useful alright.

Hinas - Can be useful if you're not bothered to walk out of the dungeon.

Ryuka - Pretty useful for getting to places.

That was my diary of Phantasy Star IV, I will be doing one for each Skills and Combinations later.

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