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PostPosted: Sat May 3, '14, 2:03 pm 
Hello, this is a diary, of places, things and characters in Phantasy Star IV... be in for atleast a 10,00,00 word post...
Note:I will write parts of it one by one, I will just edit the message of the post, as I don't want anything to get mixed up.
Let's start!

This includes pretty much the whole game plot, so beware if you never played or have beaten the game, but if you have beaten the game, you can go on, if you never played the game, it is your choice...
When you start the game, Alys, who is a hunter, she is also known as the Eight Stroke Warrior, which she doesn't really seem to like, anyway, she tells Chaz, who is also a hunter, he is not as advanced as Alys, but he later on becomes the main part of the entire game/story, anyways, Alys informs the two of them that they need to go to Piata, the town of learning, Chaz wonders what has happened there, Alys says the message says "Just come", and she then says to Chaz that they will get details once they are there, the two of them leave the town of Aiedo, the biggest city in Motavia, when they leave, a small narration (no speaking audio) says that Monster outbreaks have swelled the ranks of those who call themselves 'hunters', but as the attacks become ever more frequent, and elite few begin to wonder what is behind this outbreak, and when and how will it all end ? Not behind the monsters, this leads to the entire plot of the game.When they get to Piata, Chaz gets lost, even though Alys is simply to the left... when you find her, Alys takes lead of the group, the principal office is to the left, when you talk to the principal, you go into a discussion with him, he explains that about a month ago, mysterious monsters started to appear within the academy and they have made the basement their headquarters, and Alys says that he can rely on her and Chaz, but Alys wonders why monsters suddenly started to appear within the academy, monsters don't usually appear in inhabited areas, and she wonders if he has any idea how they came into the academy, the principal asks how would he know and he wants them to hurry up and just exterminate them, and he says he is paying Alys and Chaz dearly for their services.

That is all for now! I will write some more later on!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 26, '17, 12:24 pm 
Hello Scootaloo ! Hope you're fine :) I've just seen what you have written : did you try to write what happens next ? That is a good sum up of the start of this fantastic adventure ! :)

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