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PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, '13, 7:48 pm 

PostPosted: Sun Aug 4, '13, 2:49 am 
AWESOME! It's really cool how you changed so many of the harmonies - while the theme is still recognizable, it definitely gives it a different tone, and goes through a couple different moods. The dissonance adds tension, but that makes the resolutions even better, of course. :D I also really like what you did in the beginning (and towards the middle) with fragmenting the theme. Cool arrangement!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 4, '13, 3:53 am 
Hey, thank you. I'm really glad you checked it out; I was very much hoping to hear from you on this one. I was wracking my brain trying to come up with something for it a while back, couldn't do it, heard what you did with the song, was just gonna go ahead and do a straight cover again, and right at the last minute I hit on something and decided to work up an arrangement. I definitely had your arrangement in mind when I was working on it; the title itself is obviously something of a reference to it, since I loved Dezoris Eclipse as a name and wanted to emphasize the darker aspects. I really liked the symbolic significance in both the title and the arrangement of your version, so yeah. Couldn't really escape its gravitational influence, ha ha.

So thank you again, and I'm still waiting to hear more covers from you!

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