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 Post subject: Development duration ?
PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 1:45 pm 
At last my first post ! Better late than never ! ^^
It's a question I'll ask, in fact a question that my older brother asked me and I was in a total impossibility to answer it ! I don't know all about the original Phantasy Star Version but I'm eager to lerarn : like said to a lot of my pupils... we learned things all days, even the adults :) long was the Phantasy Star development ? Months ? (I think...) Years ?
Maybe I have the answer in the PS material I own but haven't reach an eefficient search..
Thanks in advance !

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 7:29 pm 
I'm thinking a few months. I remember reading somewhere that the development time of the dungeon engine was very short. I think that only took a month at the most. I wish I could remember where I read that... I think it was in some interview of Reiko Kodama.

I don't think it would have been a full year. Phantasy Star IV was in development for about a year, but it has a lot more complexity in terms of characters and areas to design. The original game shouldn't have taken as long.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 9:39 pm 
I was thinking about looking the Rieko Kodama's interviews. I'll try to do this.
Never heard or read something about the dungeon engine development so...thanks ! If you can recall it, don't hesitate to write it here :)
But I'm too thinking about some months, more than a year that's not possible in my opinion But I may be wrong). Yes PSIV is far more "developed" in a lot of ways, charcaters, "comics" scenes and all the dialogues.

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