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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '15, 12:36 am 
Are they all enjoy living with you say we do not all look the Irving more brush or comb our hair or shave our hair ( assuming in the morning)

outside that circle, do you wear brand name designer clothing? Do you insist on? Can you lawyers brand name clothing is only because of brand name, and not because of how it looks, but where the name brand because of who and I stress the word who, looks at it?

Well like I have stated several posts and I stick by my objective robotic demeanor, I am a pragmatist however not only that but in my pragmatist way I found certain brands are better than others. For instance, they were 34 x 32 Wrangler jeans. I have been doing this for – I feel old almost 20 years now. But it is not just the brand because it is a brand, but it is because they are built to last and the particular style that I wear are the only style aware of those things soil several several pairs of them style back think they do look nice as well and $20 and laughably, and I many a time and complemented on them even though the other guy is wearing Giorgio Armani or whatever's popular these days, would not receive a compliment despite his trying. not that I am trying to be complementarity or care, because these genes are made for hopping fences or hiding things that you to lots of etc. and are durable, very very comfortable. the denim brand Lee used to produce Lee dungarees, but they were pair of jeans only, and beside that, they were not Energy's that only the front with the pocket and the two back pockets.: They stopped producing those, I notice that Wrangler started seeing similar jeans, so I wonder if wrangler bought the patent. either are unhappy I can buy them for $20 a pair. what is very amusing are very amusing, is that in central Europe like Germany, Poland, Austria, Sweden etc. the brand names of Wrangler and Levi' sell for the equivalent of $100-$200 for one pair. if you believe me, please go to Google websites for more or Google.SE and search for pair of Levi's or whatever I mentioned or be creative because you probably know more about this than I do.

that being said, I used to enjoy felt inclined genes but something happened out there with their inventory and the way the genes are made started becoming cheat but more expensive. so I stopped those in thousands "decade"

pragmatics. I never understood of why people would dress up her infant child or toddler in brand name super expensive clothing other than because they could.

now I can pass judgment even though I should not, however I am a doctor so I have to dress's what is called professional, whatever that means, but I have found that the brands DKNY, Van Hewson, Elizabeth Taylor, Geoffrey Rush, all make nice shirts, pragmatically. for example, dress shirts's: I have a chest of 42 inches, slavery is usually 34/35 assuming and my neck is anywhere from 16 to 17 depending on the vendor really,inches. ( when I lived on the economy in Europe had to learn the metric system and learn my sizes those terms, strangely enough, cancer always in inches pants are always in inches, but deceptively pants and trousers are made for thin people. Everybody walks there they have bit of the transport they have excellent
now back to North American shopping, I shop pragmatically still you for professional stuff. And, by pragmatically for dress shirts, and by pragmatically I mean that they have pockets but most importantly, their sleeve length is adequate and commensurate to their next sizes. If article shop at the place I buy my wranglers for a button up dress shirt, for my shirt and neck size, this leaves with almost absolutely always be to short. And if I wanted slaves be long enough , I would have to buy two sizes up and then pay some tailored to tailor them down so I might as well shop thrifty and go for the brands that I know.

suits. Suits is an area or I will not really mediates unless it is custom made for me. but I do not have the time for getting tailored in fitted for a suit to be made for my specifications. I am not talking alterations, I am talking made for my body. So I will not and not have time for that. so for I find brands of my sizes both in the jacket, trousers, and the dress shirt, would be Kenneth Cole by far, I find regarding suits and the suit apparel that Calvin Klein is an easy 20 gamble next is Izod end of the trickle down that far with the next- store. And again it is not because of the name although Kenneth Cole those have awesome style I have to admit, but it is because the pragmatic way it is made. their suits are light fitting, meaning that I will be in a sweat before I arrive at work, and that also means I can stand on my sheet for 8 Hours St. and not worrying about selecting or getting overheated. even if my sport coat portions off, I am still wearing my teachers, longsleeved shirt, lab coat, and whatever else.

For the record I might hunt down deals on nice clothing, on the cheap, despite you know I make a decent wage. That is because I know how much these things cost to ,assemble and then you never know who owns a sweatshop I do not contribute to that evil – – it is bad enough I own and iPhone – – and because I just am thrifty, after having grown up and being raised that way within a not so kind unsavory neighborhood. I mean, if you had money, viewer curb stomped and it was taken from you buy force. but aside that the plus, is the thrill of finding and hunting download down deals is just as much as an adrenaline rush as any other impulsive behavior. To me asking if somebody is a talented fashion designer, is same as asking if Jackson Pollock is a talented painter.

so what you all think and why? I realize this is a long topic, however I just wonder about pragmatics vs. aesthetics. then,I thought of that, for a long time, because I was a law firm today as I am looking to escape every day medicine for a while and apply as a medical advocate but I realized these lawyers wear heavy material name brand suits every single day, because it was not my first day there to have a chat with them – – and if I worked there I will not learn suit every day all day just insane to do so only to keep up looks – – I was in the military, I know it a good uniform looks like, and I know the discipline to carry out a positive demeanor with a decent uniform is not mean having to suffer inside of a uncomfortable uniform, and last I ask these questions because I was thinking about David Bowie in my other post, I thought of the song Fashion. Sure you may recognize the song, but trust me it is tongue in cheek not be taken seriously even though many modeling agencies and use it as their theme. Watch the music video for the new tube and you realize exactly much fun there poking at it, and this was back in 1981.

tangents for everybody, hooray

PostPosted: Mon Mar 2, '15, 1:42 am 
We like Wrangler jeans.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, '15, 7:24 pm 
I'm not big into fashion. Call me practical, but t-shirt (often a band or game shirt), jeans when possible. It's comfortable to me. I do not like dressing up, but I do when I have to. I have nicer plain shirts and pants for work, but it's a pretty casual environment.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 16, '15, 3:31 am 
I enjoy my jeans and my big n tall Old Navy comfy T-shirts and my Minecraft Retro Creeper T-shirt very much.

Yes, I have a T-shirt with a Creeper on it. They're cool.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, '15, 5:10 pm 
For many types of clothing, I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for". I'm not all too concerned with labels/designers, but quality overall.

If I'm working in our home office, I'll just wear a pair of dress slacks and a nice shirt/sweater on top. (During the summer, I'll occasionally do capri pants with a pair of strappy sandals.) If I'm at the courthouse, a law firm, or a hearing for a governmental agency, I'll do a full suit or add a nice blazer. I try to get quality suits/pants on sale when I can, but I won't settle for poor quality because I do believe there's a noticeable difference. Also, most of the time I have to get at least the pants altered, and I'm not going to pay for alterations on something that didn't cost very much in the first place (or at least looks like it doesn't cost very much).

I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn jeans to work in the past two years and still have fingers left over. There is a certain image that most of us in the legal field, from clerk all the way up to judge, like to project, and it does kind of tie in to respect for the field/position.* Especially for me as a freelancer, I know that how I present myself reflects both on me personally and the agencies I work for. If I don't seem competent for whatever reason, people aren't going to hire me/us, and then I don't get paid. Most of the attorneys I work with follow the same sort of guidelines as I do - courtroom or someone else's law firm = full suit, their "homebase" or even my agency's office = maybe lose the jacket and even tie, for the men. I can think of one attorney I've worked with countless times who regularly shows up to depositions wearing jeans, and yeah, his opponents do talk about it.

(*I hope it goes without saying that I'm not claiming that people who don't show up for work in a suit or whatever have no respect for their jobs. Just that different jobs/fields have different expectations.)

Outside of work, it's jeans and a t-shirt (or sweater, depending on the weather) all the way. Designer jeans is one place I'm willing to splurge because 1) when taken care of correctly, they last me for years and years, even though I live in them when I'm not at work, and 2) I do find that they fit me better. Without getting into a long rant about the stupidity of women's clothing sizing, I like Lucky Brand jeans because they have a waist measurement AND and inseam measurement. (Why all women's pants don't do this is beyond me. :grumpy: )

Outside of of all of that, I don't consider myself especially fashion-conscious or up on all the latest trends. I do own a number of purses/bags, but I think designer bags are a waste of money. I'll admit to loving shoes and have way too many pairs, but as with my other work clothes, I try to find a good balance between "quality" and "not ridiculously expensive". I'll also admit that as I've gotten older, I've been buying/using higher quality makeup than the basic drugstore brands (even though I only wear makeup to work and for special occasions), but I can usually score gift cards for that around birthdays and Christmas time. ;)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, '15, 9:58 pm 
I love fashion but I'm very, very cheap. I usually shop at H&M, Wetseal, and a few others, but I do order a lot of stuff online. Romwe is one of my favorite sites right now, and I haven't had any problems yet even though I've heard their stuff tends to have a ton of problems.

I honestly just get cheap jeans from h&m or old navy, usually for $10-15. When it comes to jeans quality doesn't matter too much to me as long as the seams are solid, etc. I wear jeans a lot in the winter, but when it's warmer I usually just go with skirts.

I'm not really fashion conscious at all. I wear what I like and since I'm going into music/music education it might matter in the future, but w/e. I would looovvvveeee to wear Lolita/fairy kei but that kind of fashion would stand out way too much... right now I'm kind of just trying to change my wardrobe a little to more pastel colors

I usually just try to find what looks cute for as little $$$ as possible, haha

PostPosted: Tue Mar 17, '15, 11:00 pm 
I am absolutely clueless when fashion is involved. I wear cargo pants or khakis, long sleeved shirts, buttoned shirts or gamer t-shirts. I used to wear jeans decades ago but not anymore, I find denim too restricvite and uncomfortable.

I would love to have a job that requires me to wear a full suit, I love ties and coats, but my job doesn't so, I wear those only on formal occasions.

I always try to buy cheap but reliable clothes. Brand names mean nothing to me.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, '15, 1:44 am 
Neifirst wrote:I'm not really fashion conscious at all. I wear what I like and since I'm going into music/music education it might matter in the future, but w/e.

Not to derail the thread, but I used to be a music teacher and went through all the necessary schooling to become one and teach in the public schools (which in New York is a lot). If you ever have any questions, worries, or a need to vent, feel free to shoot me a PM!

Now back to your regularly scheduled fashion show. 8)

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