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 Post subject: Desktop plastic recycler
PostPosted: Fri Mar 6, '15, 8:11 pm 
Students at the University of British Columbia have invented a rather unique way of recycling plastic bottles and some other plastics as well: ... es-3d.html

This is cool, and helpful.

What does everyone here do with their used plastic bottles? Recycle or throw away?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 7, '15, 5:54 am 
Recycle them. We have municipal single stream recycling here that takes most plastics, so there is just no excuse not to.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 7, '15, 6:22 am 
I recycle the bottles and —— of whatever I drink (craft beer) because New York State has a $.05 deposit I buy fresh farm milk in a glass container, and each glass container has a $.15 deposit.

I also have a stainless steel growler and a stainless steel water bottle/canteen.

Last, I use those water bottles that are made out of durable plastic that's close to be eco-friendly, and so I just use that with my modified sodastream machine. (Instead of paying 30 bucks for soda stream carbon dioxide canister, you can buy a one dollar adapter and put it on a paintball gun carbon dioxide canister twice the size for about 1/6 the price. I love sparkling water, I like fluoride in my water too, and like saving money, all of which are economical directly or indirectly)

Other than that paper goes with paper etc. as far as waste and such.
After living in Germany for 3 years with their stringent strict laws on recycling, you learn.
And then after visiting Portland Oregon, my dream location to live at least for some unspecified point in the future, I saw how eco-friendly they are too.

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