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PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 4:48 pm 
I tried the demo... I even got a screenshot! This is how I got around that "Intro 1" issue.

I didn't realize how well this pic fit until I ran it in the game...

Still, as you can see, the game wasn't displaying any dialogue at all (if this issue as already been addressed, ignore this comment), and when I went into the main building, the game gave me another error and terminated.

Oh, and the FF7 music for sleeping at the inn...? Herecy...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 4:55 pm 
Darkil wrote:Per Atlin's suggestion I got everything to work and so far it's playing quite nice. I love the touches you done on it in the first town alone! Of course my biggest nerd moment had to be when you chose the sound from Star Ocean The 2nd Story to use for when you select 'New Game' or 'Continue' or any other menu option. It was very nice to hear a familiar sound. I can't wait to get further along and enjoy everything you've painstakingly put into this great remake!

Thanks for the positive feedback,Darkil.I really appreciate it. :) Right now,I'm incorporating custom music into the game.It still stays true to the original score,though and animating the battlers from Nurvus throught to Kuran.It's alot of work,but I'll manage.

Abominae:The reason the font isn't showing is because you forgot to put the included font 'BNKGOTHM' into your Fonts folder stored on your PC.That normally solves the problem just fine. :) I'll wait for those screenies and see what I can do.Give me a list of all the missing files and I'll upload them here.
I'm sorry if this ruined your overall gaming experience. :(

And yeah,I''m going to get rid of that FF7 music soon.Just waiting for some more music from Lord Khyron.He volunteered to do the music for my game.Just don't tell the community that he''s still alive and kicking. :D He prefers not to be known there anymore.

EDIT: :rofl: Love that pic,Ab! :rofl: Don't worry.This is what you do.Use the Lay_File,make a copy and rename it Intro_1.It works well,like Atlin suggested.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 6:06 pm 
Well if you keep the sound from Star Ocean The Second Story in there it'll go well [plus SOSS was one of my all time favorite PS 1 RPG's so it adds a bit there]. I'm anxious to hear more of the music as time moves along, I do like the music being used whenever you enter a building although I cannot pinpoint it, is it a remix or a brand new tune?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 6:35 pm 
Most of them are remixes,but I got a couple of brand-new tunes.I'm even using music from PS1,2 and 3! :D For nostalgic value,of course. :wink:
Unfortunately,I won't be using any music from SO:SS,because I want to stay true to the original PS4's soundtrack.There are a couple of non-PS related tunes though.They are completely custom.I got them from site probably has some of the most beautiful(and original)video game music I've ever heard.

Btw,have you encountered any problems yet?If you have,please let me know asap,so I can upload the missing files or help you with a bug or two. :)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 7:16 pm 
And now... for yet, another reason why I'm known as a villian...

--- I think I am the reason why Lord Khyron does not wish to be recognized by pscave anymore...

I remember we were having a debate... I don't remember the details, but I remember thinking that he was losing an argument poorly... and wasn't being a good sport about it... I sorta renamed him: Lord Crayon.

If he reads this... don't take it personally.


This happend around the exact time he stopped coming to the site. Which is why I believe I'm the reason he stopped going.

I did it to Peegai too :bowser_laugh: I haven't seen that ******* in a while... The site is better off without him anyway. :clap:

The difference is that Lord Khyron was only annoying me and Peegai said something really stupid to the wrong person.

*Note* Never call a metal head a sheep to his face...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 11:16 pm 
Back on topic now.I've edited some of the menus because they appeared too colourful for my tastes.So here they are,plus a battle screenie just to show you how hard the game really is. :mrgreen:

And I used buffs and everything...Predictably,Hahn is K.O'd. :lol:




Hope that's a bit better.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 11:19 pm 
Abominae wrote:*Note* Never call a metal head a sheep to his face...

Truth. But for me, it's never call a metal head a sheep to her face. :D

I'm loving all the screenies and such, Lyla. I just hope you get all the glitches and problems cleaned up by final release, and I'm sure you will. Good luck. :up:

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 11:23 pm 
Oh,I'll need it alright. :D I only have about a month and a half left,and I still have to do about 150+ monster animations. :o I've upped the game's difficulty by a notch,but it won't be so hard that the player will tear his/her hair out in frustration.

I've gotta's already Tuesday,12:22 AM my time.I'm +2 hours ahead of GMT,so it's way past my bedtime. :D

PostPosted: Mon Oct 5, '09, 11:33 pm 
What's a bedtime?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 6, '09, 6:24 am 
Abominae wrote:What's a bedtime?

bed... time?

I know time, but what's a bed?


Annyway.... I've found a bit more of tileset problems, I'm doing my best right now at the moment to get rid of them for you. Not sure how well it's working at the moment. There are quite a few problems with quiet a few thing so it will take awhile before I completely get everything done.

Well, at least I'm proud to be a part of this game. Truly awesome.

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