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Rainy day

Rainy day

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 Post subject: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 1:13 am 
I already did the Avancino/Ustvestia joke pic. Now it is time to show that perhaps he was a sensitive and caring person.

Here he is, teaching the party how to play a piano/keyboard, and he is the only one who notices that Yousis/Rolf went away from the group to cry for the loss of his friend.

This pic is for the monthly Phantasy Star Jam at deviantART. This month we had to show what the our chosen characters did (indoors) on a rainy day.

 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 3:19 am 
Very nice and colorful artwork! :clap: I'm surprised they weren't playing video games but it's good to see them doing another very popular indoor activity. Love the piano! Very well done with showing Rolf's emotions with the tears, hitting the couch, and staring out the window. Bravo!!

 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 3:28 am 
Aw, Rolf. Hahaha, I see what Shir's doing. 8) As usual, you have a lot of neat little details that really bring character to the PSII crew. I especially like how you've drawn Ustvestia.

Edit: Is that a Motavian outside?

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 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 4:03 am 

SS: Way I saw it, they would not (officially) have a lot of time for fun and games. Since the "rainy day" part made me think of the time when the weather went out of control and the dams were in danger of overflowing. Then, naturally, I thought the obvious next step was to learn "musica", while Yousis/Rolf would mourn Nei.

A bonus was that I got to show another side of Avancino/Ustvestia, besides the one-dimensional gay guy who wants to spend time alone with the boys in the party. :yes:

Tanith: Thanks for noticing the details! Ustvestia has a collection of statues of Eros, Perseus and Ganymede. Shir is liberating them from him. Anna is being very direct on what she wants. Hugh is being a nice, polite boy, although he stands up against bullying. Again, Ustvestia is caring about other people's feelings. And Rolf is simply devastated by Nei's death, and he breaks down even though he is still trying to do his job.

And since Motavians are weird in general, and since there are a few Motavians just walking around Ustvestia's house, I thought one would still be freezing out there, with nowhere else to go. :mrgreen:

Edit: Here is the pic with better definition.

Large version.

In it, you can see what the music sheets say, and the brand of the piano. :knockout:


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 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 1:26 pm 
Nice bright colors, art is well done. Ustvestia is really, really well rendered, I like.

Hugh looks like a farmer boy with his suspenders and his shorts. Funny.

I'm not sure I dig Rolf's wife-beater + five of clock shadow. He looks like a candidate for a Miller's TV spot "It's miller time! *cries*"

Also: Anna's happy parts are square. This is unfortunate.

 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 1:56 pm 
I just love that Shir is blatantly admiring the transferable valuables. I had noticed Anna's square physique, too, but it makes sense to me, since her sprite always looked kind of Amazonian to me.

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 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 3:15 pm 
My friend, the first thing you need to know about muscular anatomy, be it male or female, is that when someone is physically fit, happy parts tend to be round, not flat. (I've seen enough yoga pants to confirm this) and amazons (and Anna) are definitely the fit type.

 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 4:19 pm 
I did not know those shirts were also called that. Awful name for a shirt many of us use, at least from time to time. I thought music lessons would not be something done in a few seconds, as it is in the game. They would need to stay around a week, at least. So wanted to portray the team in different clothes than what they wear in battle.

In Yousis's case, that means just taking off his outer uniform, and leave what is beneath. He would also stop shaving for a few days. While, at 21, he definitely is a "man", 21 is still young enough to be "boyish". So this is not a "5 o'clock beard". This is all he gets after a couple of days. That is why I focused on the chin, with no moustache and just a few hairs in his cheeks.

I will try to include Amia in another pic, wearing something that displays her attributes in a more flattering way. Besides the rush in all the three (or four, if you count the Motavian) most-background characters in the pic, which made me draw them all as simplistic as I could (okay, perhaps I paid a little more attention to Huey), I chose to give her sweat pants (and not form-fitting ones, at that). I have noticed that those type of sweat pants are not "polite" to the body they cover, changing its apparent shape to all viewers.

I realize now this was unfair for all of Amia's fans (and fans of female fan service in general). I will try to include more fan service for both sides in the future to make up for Amia's bad choice of wardrobe.

But do not be mistaken, below those pants, her legs and bum are very well defined and more on the round and firm side. :yes:

Edit: You can see her upper body. She is wearing a thin and soft shirt, so you can see how much rounder and firmer her torso is compared to her lower body. And I can tell you, I am working in a few more pics for the future (and I may have a little more free time now to actually finish them), and in one of them you can see a very curvy Shilka. I will see if this one can be the next I finish, just for you all. :yaknow:

Another edit: This is the type of pants I had in mind, not very fan-service-y at all. For that, I apologize.

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 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 5:13 pm 
Oh the drawing is fine, you don't need to apologize. I figure it's just more productive to bring some constructive criticism than to go "THIS IS GREAT! LET ME INCLUDE THIS CLAPPY SMILEY AND NOT AT ALL ELABORATE ON WHAT I LIKED!"

Myeah about those pants, again, if I was allowed to take pics in the gym, I'd show you that they can be very flattering. The key is "a body that can allow it" and "wear 1-2 sizes smaller than comfortable". But I get your point. Relaxed.

Also: If all they learned was the "Bwa pweep pweep ta da da bweep" jingle that plays in PS2, it should have taken no more than 5 mins. However, if you assume that they learned real skills, 1 week is not even a far cry from what is needed. Try years.

About the wife beater: some lean, muscular dudes MAY make it look good but in an overwhelming percentage, it does not ;-)

Edit: How did "assume" become "awesome"? I need sleep.

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 Post subject: Re: Rainy day
PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '14, 5:30 pm 
I did not apologize for the drawing. I apologized for the one-sidedness of the fan service in the pics. :yes:

And yeah, smaller sizes are the key to display one's body even when fully dressed. And, as you said, one first needs a body worth displaying, as well. :melodramatic:

I thought "around one week" might be enough to get some basic skills needed to break the code or something (definitely not a good level even for a recital). But you're right, a 5 minutes synth class would have been enough. Can't blame Ustvestia for not telling them that, can you?

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