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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, '07, 6:06 pm 
No hunting! :down:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, '07, 9:03 pm 
Despite what most people think, hunting is actually a good/bad thing.

Bad because well...some hunter wants a 10 plus point buck to display on their walls. Kinda sad just for display value.

I have tried Venison, it is actually pretty good! Never been hunting myself and anyone that I do know that are hunters will usually not be wasteful and eat the deer as well. Might as well not waste good meat eh? ;P

The benefits of hunting is to help with population control of deer. Many people do not know this, but there is a overpopulation of deer in many areas, (my area as well) and even if the local predators (coyotes, Pumas) still have their fair share of meat, there is still a ton of deer around here. The folks at Fish and Game only release a certain amount of permits to allow hunters to hunt these deer and to help keep population in check.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 12:00 am 
Quote:I read somewhere that the word vegetarian is Indian and that it means "to stupid to hunt"

I've never heard that before. I've only heard of it used as a term for people that don't eat meat of any kind.

I think it's worst to breed animals under unimaginable conditions like it's common/usual today.
That's giving birth to creatures/beeings and torturing them all their lifte time. And then call it 'human'!
The animal being hunted probably had a much better life.

I agree that wild animals usually have a better life. I saw a program about how eggs are produced, the ones that are sold in grocery stores and such. Those poor chickens are kept confined in a small area until they can no longer produce eggs, then they're sold to a slaughter house.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 2:58 am 
I had to do and impromtu on slaughter houses before. XD

Ever seen a bloody egg?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 4:03 am 
Quote:If it's not for sport, fun ... but it's for "a greater purpose then it's okay"
But what would be the greater purpose?

Mainly getting food (in this case, meat) to eat. Also population control, as Atolm mentioned. I remember a few years ago my area didn't have many deer, so the local Fish and Game wardens only allowed one or two deer per hunter. As more people stopped hunting the deer population grew and hunters were allowed to get many more deer until the population came back under control.

When the deer population rises too high, there can be incidents of deer running loose in towns, causing damage to buildings and possibly hurting people.

Quote:Why is pig meat called pork and not pig meat. (did you see the film Babe?)
(compare the IQ of pigs and the "mans best friend dog)
Why is cow meat called beef?
Whats Bambi's meat called?

Bambi's meat is ink, because Bambi is just a movie. ;)

Deer meat is usually called venison. You raise an interesting point. I've never heard the origins of the words beef, pork, and venison. Bird meat is usually called by the bird's name (chicken, turkey), but I wonder where beef and pork came from.

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