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PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, '19, 6:50 pm 
Decades TV channel has some interesting Marathons on the weekends and at other times. They show a lot of retro classic tv programs.

This weekend (Nov. 16,17) they are showing the 1960's classic "Batman" tv program with actors Adam West, Burt Ward, and a slew of well known actors playing criminals, etc. It was a very popular show back in the day and remains so today.

Next weekend (Nov. 23,24) they are showing a "Green Hornet" and "The Greatest American Hero" marathon.

"The Green Hornet" started as an episode on the "Batman" tv show and spun off into it's own separate series. The show starred actors Van Williams as newspaper publisher Britt Reid and Bruce Lee as Kato who were also crime fighters in secret. They also had a famous car called The Black Beauty.

"The Greatest American Hero" starred actors William Katt, Robert Culp, and Connie Sellica. It was about a school teacher that gained super powers when wearing a suit given to him by aliens. He had a lot of troubles trying to figure out how to maneuver the suit, though.

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