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 Post subject: DC Comics check auction
PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, '12, 10:47 pm 
A DC Comics check is up for auction, and what an important check it is: ... 36609.html

Anyone else find it hard to believe that this check sat in a drawer for over 35 years????

Wow, I'll bet the auction bid price is high on this collector's item!!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, '12, 4:05 am 
I'm surprised it hasn't been called up as evidence in one of the several lawsuits between DC and the heirs of Superman's creators. That's understandable if it was really lost in a drawer, but it seems like it would be a major document in those cases that were debating what DC paid those guys. It's certainly a rare and unique piece of comic history, though.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, '12, 5:04 am 
Saw some news today on the above mentioned lawsuits between DC Comics and the heirs of creators of Superman...a Judge has ruled in favor of DC Comics: ... n/1640513/

Now, I wonder if this will put an end to the lawsuits or if there will be appeals!!

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, '12, 7:06 am 
I'm sure there will be appeal attempts, if possible. This only settles half the ownership of Superman, anyway. The other co-creator's family is still pursing their claim on half the rights.

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