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 Post subject: Dark Force video Tribute
PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 5:35 am 
Thought I'd do something nice for the big evil bloke. Without him we'd have no story behind these Phantasy Star games. I showed his appearances in all the classic games, the Online series, Universe games and PS Zero. In my personal opinion Dark Force looks his best in the classic games. Now you all try hold onto your souls the best you can while watching it :p Enjoy!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 6, '11, 3:49 pm 
Awesome stuff! Dark Force is definitely at his best in the classic games, but he's always awesome. I love him. I really liked seeing all the cool artwork, I don't think I've seen any of that before.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 8, '11, 8:45 am 
Thanks I appreciate it. :)
Also out of all the new Dark Force's, I think I like his PSU appearance the best. It's just a shame the the leader of the SEED, Dulk Fakis has an identical form, just with different colours. Which doesn’t make Dark Force all that unique in PSU. -_-'

PostPosted: Wed Jun 8, '11, 9:41 pm 
Great video :up: Only thing missing was Prophallus from IV. Though some say he isn't really Dark Falz from PS1 but I think that Dark Falz from PS1 is just one of the many Prophalluses.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 8, '11, 11:07 pm 
Wow, that was an awesome video. :clap:

He's one scary dude no matter how you look at him. :yikes:

PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, '11, 7:18 pm 
Great video, Lucas. Somehow I missed it until now. I really like the music you chose; it's very fitting for a Dark Force appearance.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, '11, 9:12 am 
Cheers, also the music is actually that of Galactus in MVC3. It's definitely got those powerful vibes in it so I thought it would go well with Dark Force.

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