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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, '09, 3:20 pm 
Dark Force, being the final enemy in most of this series, has in many way been a mystery. In the original for instance, he just came up seemingly out of nowhere. While his motivations have been explained since, there are still some things that weren't clearly revealed.

One example is the question of whether each Dark Force is an individual being existing separately of the others or rather one entity that repeatedly manifests itself again and again in different forms. Which is your preferred interpretation of the story?

PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, '09, 4:01 pm 
Dark Force... is a dog. (for lack of a better term)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 12:44 am 
I think each Dark Force is a creature existing separately from the others. This is more or less indicated in PS4 after leaving Motavia. The party has crashed on Dezoris, braved the snowstorm, found a new ship and a new party member and slashed, clawed, shot and Tandled itself a way to Kuran's command center where "Cyber Force" was wreaking havoc on Motavia. After pumping a healthy amount of Saint Fires, Flareshots and GiThu's into Kuran's Dark Force, the latter exploded and Wren fixed up the support system. When it became clear that Dezoris was still ravaged by the blizzard, the party trekked through several long dungeons and found the creature they identified as the source of the blizzard...Garuberk Force. (yeah, I made that one up) They Grand Cross it to death, Garuberk Tower falls apart and with the source of the snowstorm gone, the sky above Dezoris clears up.

If we can agree that Garuberk Force was indeed the source of the snowstorm, there were at least two Dark Forces present separately at the same time during the moment the party left what was left of Raja's temple. Garuberk Force was busy blowing frozen farts all over Dezoris while Cyber Force was using Motavia as its own personal playground. If Dark Force was a being that manifested itself in different incarnations over and over again, the Dezorian blizzard wouldn't have started until AFTER Chaz and co fragged Cyber Force.

What confuses things a bit is Wren's thesis after seeing Seth get rid of his human disguise...Wren wonders if Dark Force can evolve. I think, however, that this is more an indication that the third Dark Force was aware of what happened to its brethern and instead of sitting around somewhere, it decided to seek out the protectors and take the battle to them while getting some intelligence in the process. I also think that Dark Force evolves in such a way that the longer it remains around, the smarter and stronger it becomes. This would explain why "baby DF's" (the Prophalli you meet on The Edge) are relatively weak and the Dark Force Alis Landale faced had a limited repertoire of tricks while the Dark Force Rolf faced was "a present from the Earthmen world to all of you"...a creature that wasn't "newborn", but had been present for quite a lot longer, thus being a much more evolved DF.

So for short...different creature each time.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 7:04 am 
I like to think of Dark Force as being one entity with the power of reincarnation. I also like to think that in PSIV Dark Force is still the one creature but it is able to divide its consciousness up into several different Dark Forces (or vessels) to encounter Chaz and his gang even though it is still the one individual entity and not three separate monsters.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 4:11 pm 
Erpy wrote:If we can agree that Garuberk Force was indeed the source of the snowstorm, there were at least two Dark Forces present separately at the same time during the moment the party left what was left of Raja's temple.

Excellent point! I'm pretty sure the the stuff happening on both Motavia and Dezoris was said to have been going on for a few months. There definitely had to be at least two Dark Force bodies around at that point. The Prophalli could also support that; it's possible to find two of them together in a single battle.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 5:40 pm 
Wait, you ever fought a battle with two Prophalli at once? I always thought those creatures only came in singles. I've never fought more than one at the same time.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 7:21 pm 
Yeah, I only ever encountered one Prophallus at once, never two. My own view of Dark Force...I actually just kind of take the force as being kind literal. I think of Dark Force as being that...just an evil entity that can manifest itself physically in however many incarnations it wants at a time, wherever it wants. I really think Dark Force 1 and 2 physically existed at the same time, until, of course, Chaz and co. defeat Dark Force 1.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 26, '09, 7:34 pm 
Yup, I've seen two of them together, but only one time that I can recall. The monster is pretty rare as it is, but a pair seems very hard to find. Now I wish I had thought to get a screenshot of it.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, '09, 8:51 am 
That's awesome fighting two Prophallus at once I can only say I've encounter them in singles. Guess I'll have to do a bit of a search around to find a pair but they are quite rare so I guess I have a slim chance at that.

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