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PostPosted: Wed Apr 1, '09, 4:54 pm 
Yeah, you're right Thoul about some of them not being in the best of physical shape. But then, that is supposedly the premise of the show - get the ordinary looking, every day kind of guy or girl "star". I think I read somewhere that they all have to do a physical before they join to make sure they are physically able to do the show, but that doesn't account for injuries that may happen such as leg or back ailments, etc. There certainly seems to be more and more of those kinds of injuries with each season that passes also.

And, in last night's elimination round, the co-host of the show, Samantha Harris, couldn't even hardly talk because she had laryngetis (sp?) and the doc had told her to "rest her voice". There is always something happening on this show, lol. :roll:

Also in last night's "double" elimination round, 2 stars were sent home. Holly Madison and Steve "the apple computer guy" were eliminated. No big surprise there.

PostPosted: Wed May 6, '09, 9:53 pm 
Well, Lil Kim was eliminated last night on "DWTS". That leaves only four stars left, I believe, who will compete next week in the semi-finals. Those four stars are:

1. Melissa Rycroft
2. Shawn Johnson
3. Ty Murray
4. Giles (?) I can't remember his last name, lol.

Next week are the semi-finals and then the week after will be the finals when a new dancing champ is chosen, and it will also be the last show of this season of "DWTS". The show has already been renewed for next season.

PostPosted: Tue May 19, '09, 12:13 am 
Tonight begins the finals of this seasons "DWTS"! The final three stars left to compete are:

1. Giles (and his partner, Cheryl Burke).
2. Shawn Johnson (and her partner Mark Ballas).
3. Melissa (the former Bachelorette and her partner Tony).

The trophy will be handed out on tomorrow night's season finale episode.

I'm hopeing Giles and Cheryl will win it this season. :clap:

PostPosted: Wed May 20, '09, 5:06 am 
The finale of "Dancing With The Stars" was tonight and the winner who received the trophy ball was Olympian champion, Shawn Johnson and her partner Mark Ballas. Second place went to Gilles and his partner Cheryl Burke. Third place was Melissa Rycroft and her partner tony.

Congratulations to Shawn & Mark. :proposetoast:

They were all good dancers. I really felt that Gilles was the better dancer of all the celebrities this season and should have won the trophy though.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 12, '09, 9:31 pm 
Read somewhere that Vera Wang might be on the next season of "Dancing With the Stars" come this fall. I think she is a fashion designer, if I'm not mistaken.

Who would you like to see on "Dancing With The Stars"?

I would still like to see William Shatner (Kirk, "Star Trek")! I don't know if that would ever happen though.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, '09, 4:54 pm 
The new season of "Dancing With The Stars" begins soon...sometime in early September, I think, and the new "stars" to participate this season have finally been revealed.

What do you all think of this newest batch of " stars " to compete in the dancing arena??

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, '09, 10:58 pm 
Well, the new season of "Dancing with The Stars" premiered last night on abc at 8 p.m.. The show is also on tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow night (Wednesday) as well. Only the guys danced last night, while the girls dance tonight, and then Wednesday night will be the first elimination show with a few couples leaving already. Hard to say who is going to be leaving early, as of now that is.

Donny Osmond did pretty good last night, but not as good as I thought he would, but there is still plenty of time to improve and I have no doubt he will. He is very popular with everyone, it seems. His sister Marie Osmond was in the audience. She was on the show previously and came in third place I think. Interesting seeing her there last night, especially as Jermaine Jackson (Michael's brother) was sitting right beside her during the show.

Oh yeah, I think the host, Tom Beregeron, said they are going to do a tribute to Patrick Swayze either tonight or Wednesday night. If I remember correctly, Patrick was in the audience the first night of the first show ever of Dancing With The Stars. I always hoped he would perform or be on there again one day, but it's so nice of them to do a tribute to Patrick. :cry:

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, '09, 11:54 pm 
Well, the 3 night premiere of "DWTS" is over. It was good to see the show back again on it's 9th season. Two stars have already been eliminated from the show last night and they were (1)Ashley Hamilton (son of actor George Hamilton who was previously on the show), and (2) Macy Gray (a singer, etc.). Sad to see them go, but there are still plenty of stars left.

They did a very moving tribute to actor Patrick Swayze who died recently with the dancing pros performing some of his best known dance numbers, etc.

Anyone else see the show last night?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, '09, 6:23 am 
Ooops, I kinda forgot about this thread, lol.

Well, tonight was the season finale for "Dancing With the Stars", and I missed the show but I did find a story about it online. Congratulations to Donny Osmond, the winner of this years's "DWTS"! :clap: :happy_marle: ... dwts_N.htm

PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, '10, 5:19 pm 
"DWTS" co-host Samantha Harris has announced she is leaving the show and won't be back when the new season begins in March: ... 0155.shtml

I wish her all the best in her new endeavors. I always wonder why when someone leaves a very popular show, though. Sometimes it is hard to find the same success elsewhere.

On a different note, I wonder who they will pick to replace her????? Should be interesting. :hmm:

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