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PostPosted: Sat Oct 4, '08, 10:44 pm 
Whoa, I heard on the news this morning that ex-"Dancing With The Stars" champ, Helio Castrenevates (sp?) has been arrested for Tax Evasion, I think it was. As of now, he is out on bail.

He seems like a nice person, so I hope he comes out of this ok. He said that he knows right from wrong, but that he doesn't understand all that business stuff and has attorneys and accountants to handle that stuff for him. I've heard that before, but I can understand that being true also.

One thing you can say about "DWTS", it certainly seems to find a way to be in the news a lot. :D

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 6, '08, 9:01 pm 
More "DWTS" news and excitement:

It seems that one of the "stars", I think her name is Misty May Trenear (or somethink like that) who was with volleyball in the Olympics may have suffered an injury which could possibly force her to leave the show. She is paired up with the pro dancer Maxium Chermansky (sp?) (called Max for short, and one of the best dancers, imho).

I think it was a leg injury of some type, but not certain on that. Guess we'll find out more tonight when the show comes on.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 13, '08, 9:41 pm 
Anyone else keep up with DWTS this season? It's almost time for the semi-finals. Maybe next week. This week star Maurice Green and his partner Cheryl burke were eliminated. Only ones left are Lance Bass, Warren Sapp, Cody ???, and Brook Burke, I think is her name.

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 1, '08, 10:22 pm 
Well, "DWTS" is over with for this season. The finale was last week and the winner was the lady, Brooke Burke and partner Derek Hough. Warren Sapp (football player) and partner Kym Johnson placed second. Lance Bass and partner came in third place.

It was a great season and I'm going to miss it while it's gone. I hope when they return (probably in March) that they have a very interesting cast lined up. This year's wasn't very exciting, I thought, but it was interesting.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 6, '08, 3:39 am 
I read the new season of "DWTS" begins in early March 2009. I can't wait. I hope they have some interesting guests this time.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '09, 3:35 am 
Well, the new "Dancing With The Stars" cast for this season has been announced and the show will begin airing this next month on Monday, March 9th, I think it is.

Contestants this go round include:

1. Jewel (singer)
2. Ty Murray (rodeo star & Jewel's husband)
3. Chuck Wicks (Country star & dancer Julianne Hough's boyfriend)
4. Belinda Carlisle (former lead singer of the "Go-Go's", etc.)
5. David Alan Grier (actor)
6. Shawn Johnson (Olympian athlete)
7. Lil' Kim (singer)
8. Gilles Marini (actor)
9. Steve-O (actor)
10. Nancy O'Dell (anchor of "Inside Edition" tv program)
11. Denise Richards (actress)
12. Lawrence Taylor (NFL player)
13. Steve Wozniak (author, inventor, computer works, etc.) ... x?pn=about

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '09, 12:39 am 
Forgot to say in my post above that singer Jewel has already suffered some sort of injury. I think it has to do with her feet or legs or something. She's had to take some time off from practice, but she will probably dance on time when the show starts, if all goes well.

Gee, I hope this year isn't like last year and year's previous, there was an injury with some star just about every week. :bang:

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, '09, 1:00 am 
Last week's " star " who was the first to leave the show this season was Belinda Carlisle (formerly of the Go Go's). I was a little surprised to see her go, athough she really hasn't done to well at dancing so far in my opinion. It came down to the final two and a dance off between them and she lost. The other dance off competitor was Steve, the computer guy. I honestly thought he would be the one who left last week. I'll bet he goes this week, though. He's really bad at dancing in my opinion.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, '09, 9:19 pm 
Well, I just saw this morning that the computer guy, Steve, has suffered another injury which could sideline him from the dancing competition. It looks like he has pulled his hamstring.

If he has to pull out of the competition due to injury, it will be too bad, but I feel that he would probably leave this week anyway during the results show.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 23, '09, 11:29 pm 
With all those injuries, it sounds like whoever is in charge of casting (or whatever you'd call it for a show like this), needs to start picking people in better physical condition. I imagine a lot of these people aren't in the best of shape, so they're probably overworking their bodies, resulting in these injuries.

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