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 Post subject: D E V O!
PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, '10, 10:43 am 
You can say what you want, but these guys are legends. I say they're right up there with The Beatles. They were very innovative, and they had alot to say. Most people were confused or afraid of them. Others saw many of their songs as being funny, but if you listen more closely to the lyrics of some of their songs, you'll see that they were no laughing matter. I still haven't been able to check out their latest album "Something For Everybody", but it's been getting alot of buzz in the media and the people who've heard it are saying it's awesome. I've heard a few clips of it, and I like what I hear, because it sounds like there one of the few veteran music groups who don't have to alter their sound or their production just to blend in with the times or what's hip or whatever. There's an LP vinyl edition of the album available that comes with a CD copy of the album, which is stored in a paper sleeve within the record jacket as seen in this video:

Lately I've also been checking out a rather obscure song of theirs called Disco Dancer. It doesn't sound anything like what they normally do musically, and sounds more like Prince, but lyrically, it's very Devo-ish. I heard about it when a friend showed it to me, and he's also why I'm on my recent Devo kick.

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