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 Post subject: Custom Formatting Returns
PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 10:56 am 
Long time members will recall that, before the board upgrades earlier this year, we had a custom title feature and several automatic post formatting options. Those were lost in the upgrade, but now they're back.

These features are available to members that have been registered for a certain amount of time and have made a certain amount of posts. The requirements to use each feature are:
  • Font Color - 30 days, 100 posts
  • Font Size - 60 days, 300 posts
  • Custom Title - 90 days, 500 posts
  • Font Face - 120 days, 700 posts
So, when you meet both requires for a feature, you can begin using it. They are found in the Member Control Panel. Custom Title is under Profile > Edit profile and the font settings are under Board preferences > Edit posting defaults.

There is also an option to turn on/off the display of these custom font settings on your view of everyone's posts. This setting is under Board preferences > Edit display options. It's available to everyone with no special requirements.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 1:03 pm 
Awesome, Thoul. I was waiting for these features to return.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 3:38 pm 
Maybe I'm slow but I can't seem to change my font color, even though I'm following your very clear instructions. I open the Font Color box and click on the color I want but it doesn't fill in anything in the box. Am I doing something wrong?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 4:03 pm 
Good question, Darkil. I should have covered this above. Clear your browser's cache and reload the page. The font color box uses javascript that I had to update for this. Your browser probably has the old version of that cached and is using it instead.

You can also just type in a color name. Like if you put in "blue" that will give you blue text.

Caged Wolf wrote:Awesome, Thoul. I was waiting for these features to return.

Glad you like them. :) This update largely spun out of your signature uploading request, really. When looking around for something to do that, I found a custom title add-on that I was able to easily expand to fill the role of the formatting options also. :up:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 4:12 pm 
Thanks Thoul! Because I'm at work I can't delete the browser cache so I just used your suggestion and typed in the color. This is a great feature and I'm glad you brought it back!

PostPosted: Wed Jul 1, '09, 7:42 pm 
oooo I don't qualify yet but awesome :D

PostPosted: Thu Jul 2, '09, 9:39 pm 
Awesome Thoul. Just plain awesome. Glad you brought these features back.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 5, '10, 9:56 pm 
Just for future reference, I've added entries to the Boards FAQ regarding the custom title and formatting options and their requirements.

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