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PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, '11, 11:34 pm 
Very interesting. I always thought that the game slightly favored the Orakians.

I agree with Thoul about the Orakians having more land/castles. The Orakian towns also fared better in the games (good-bye Cille and Shusoran...).

The first big decision you have to make, Maia vs. Lena, obviously affects how the rest of the game plays out. Choosing Maia, the Layan, leads to a more difficult game (and whether a higher level of difficulty is a good or a bad things depends on the player). I always found Ayn's quest to be far more interesting than Nial's, but it is frustrating at the beginning when the team's piddly weapons do so little damage against the robots.

Then we have the 3rd generation. If you initially choose to marry the Layan, the game "punishes" you by giving you one less healer. It could be argued that having a character who is exactly half-Layan, half-Orakian is ideal, but marrying Maia eliminates the chance of that. I guess it could be considered "anti-Orakian" when you think about the challenges of beating the game with Crys, who is 3/4 Orakian, but that situation never would have happened had you not married Maia way back.

And let's face it, "warrior" Kara's mother HAD to be Orakian. :wink: Quick, someone write a fanfic! Go!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, '11, 4:59 am 
I think the game favors Orakians, too, given they had the upper hand with technology after the Devastation War. They were the pilots and the engineers. It's cool and all that certain Layans have techniques and dragon knight abilities, but none of that is worth a darn when the ship is about to smash into the sun or get sucked into a black hole.

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