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PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, '10, 2:45 am 
Tanith wrote:
SirJason wrote:Also, when the guys age (Rhys/Nial/Ayn) . . . why do they all get the "* star" mustache look?

Yet, why don't the women age? Kind of creepy, unless they're all really CYBORGS!!!


Hmm . . . good theory.

Also, looking back . . . Kyra for Phantasy Star IV looks like Sailor Mercury's identical twin.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, '10, 2:46 am 
Maybe thats why I liked Kyra's design so much ^_^ lol just kidding.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 13, '10, 3:40 am 
I was gonna say that about Kyra =p

PostPosted: Wed Dec 8, '10, 6:10 pm 
Monster World from the Wonder Boy games is actually a dome on another World Ship, as is the world in LORD OF THE SWORD.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, '10, 6:44 pm 
I like the idea of Rulakir ordering his henchmen to Aridia to mess up the weather tower, and kipnapping Maia from Aquatica using Ryuka. I'm pretty sure tech users knew how to use it since all people on the ships were from Palm during the Devastation War, and the lashutians were probably the only ones to keep their arts.

They needed all the weapons to seal away DF, so I reckon all 5 of them were in the final battle, Orakio, Laya, Miun, Siren and Lune.
Orakio and Laya tell Miun, Siren and Lune about their plans and how DF will revive in 1000 years. Lune/Siren could of lost their memory and been manipulated by DF as that's how he operates while sealed away. Orakio, Laya, Lune, Miun and Siren weren't the only people to fight in the Devastation wars, they had many followers so they could also have sealed Lune and Siren away after the final battle vs DF.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, '10, 11:27 pm 
Mieu's claws

So, what do you guys think. Are they sort of like fighting gloves that she put on or do they extend from her very body, for instance they will retract into her hand when she is not using them? I think the latter would be more practical, yet the equip system of PSIII suggest that it is indeed fighting gloves. Then again, on the other hand I suppose the arms deals of the game could weld new types of steel to the hydraulics manipulating a set of retracting claws. Heck, in theory they should even be able to attach laser to such things. After all if you first have the technology to make laser claws you should be able to attach it to machinery right?

I just thought of a thing. She would be able to do the upgrades herself, wouldn't she? After all she is a highly sophisticated AI she should be able to do some minor welding and maintenance of herself. Heck, she has to or she'd rust or at least wear down my natural degrading of the steel or other materials (considering she stood for a 1000 years waiting for Rhys, by a lake no less!)

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 1, '11, 11:01 pm 
The artwork from the game's rear cover shows Mieu's claws in a retracted position. You can see the tips on the back of her hand. Given the bagginess of her sleeve, I think the claws could be an entirely external device. That would have the blades retracting into something she wears on her arm, instead of actually entering her arm like Wolverine.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 2, '11, 1:57 pm 
Hm good so it seems. I guess I am beat. :) Yet I still like the idea of them being an integral part of Mieu. :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:05 pm 
Eh, they still could be. All I can say for sure is that they do retract. It's just my theory that they might be entirely external.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:28 pm 
We can see the Rika's claw on one picture and its all external...Maybe its the same thing for Mieu...

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